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Keith46 18 Feb 2011 19:20

Anyone go to Burning Man on a bike?
Hey folks. I'm flying to the states on May 1st and gonna buy a bike and travel for six months or so seeing as much as possible. So one night last week full of dutch courage i bought a ticket for the Burning Man festival. I've been looking into it a little more over the last few days and it seems like it could be tough enough to do on a bike. If any of you have done it some advice and/or moral support would be much appreciated. Thanks.

saralou 19 Feb 2011 00:37

burning the Man
Keep us posted. We are starting ATW and we plan to start off by going to Sturgis then Burning man 2011.

Did you check out the official site? The Burning Man Project :: Welcome Home ans sing up for the updates.

If you join an established "group" or "theme camp" you will get an assigned camp spot. You do not actually have to know anyone. There are many to choose from. Also check if there is a burning man site in your home location. We are from Vancouver and there are a number of local blogs.

Moral support given!!!

Sara & Daniel

MountainMan 19 Feb 2011 01:22

Hey Keith,

It's certainly doable on a bike, but I'm not sure I would recommend bringing it if you can park it nearby (Reno?) and get a lift in.

You can carry in enough food and water, but one thing to be aware of is it will be hard to get out of the elements if you just have your bike and tent.

If you are there for any amount of time, the wind will usually whip up and there will be a mini sandstorm that can go on for minutes or hours. You can easily survive it but on occasion it is just nice to be able to get out of the wind and into a place that is somewhat sheltered.

Connecting with a theme camp that has a big shelter tent can certainly be enough for you, but I noticed a few forlorn bikes that were in the elements for a few days and since everything gets coated with a fine powdery dust the bikes didn't look too happy.

All small issues in the end though, BM is not to be missed. You can just rock up, and if you haven't found a camp prior, you will get directed to a section with a bunch of unaffiliated people like you. You'll meet a thousand of friendly folks and from there how everything ends up cannot be predicted:) You'll understand better after you go...

Keith46 19 Feb 2011 14:27

Moral support received
Cheers folks. I'll def check out the themed camping thing and i just signed up for the updates. It's only gonna be a small part of my trip around the states, canada and alaska but i've a feeling it's gonna be a standout memory :mchappy:.

saralou 19 Feb 2011 19:07

if your in vancouver
We will still be here until aug 2012 drop us a line if your thru Vancouver. We have a spare room/garage for the bike if you need a place to crash. Sara & Daniel

DLbiten 20 Feb 2011 18:18

I can see no reason you can not do it. May not be as fun as you think sitting in your tent for days on end but there you have it.

Some ideas. Many people there like to trade not so much with money but items. I do know of a group that rents a huge RV and buys pallets of beer and use them as trade. A ice cold beer will go for a lot after a few days. And then there is the fact that there is no water so no shower, the smells after a 2 or 3 days can be something wet wipes or baby wipes will be something nice to have. You may be able to rent a U-hall truck and have a bit better time of it. Tarps and rope will be something you may want to look in to.
What ever you bring in you must pack back out so plan for that.

olyflyer 20 Feb 2011 21:33

I did it last year friggen awesome, recommend getting in with a theme camp makes life sooooo much more bearable after a few hard days/nights






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