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pocketumbleweed 18 May 2010 00:09

anyone able to help
hello, after driving down from colorado i'm in colombia, i've toured to chile and back, and on wednesday i'm flying me and the bike to florida, with plans to drive up to missouri, after i've volunteered to help with oil mitigation efforts along the coast.

but i have recently realized i have a problem with my moto. and after speaking to some kind folks from the klr 650 website i have come to the conclusion it is better to get it fixed then wait til missouri, if i can even make it that far. 1 of the 4 bolts that hold the head onto my engine block is striped. i'm at the end of my travels and don';t have enough cash to pay a shop to fix it. so i'm hoping to find a kind soul with a shop (hopefully around florida) and the tools who would let me camp in their backyard while i repair it. i can also pay for the use of their tools and shop, and of course for the parts needed IF I CAN FIND THEM to repair it,.. ie. heli coil


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