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jc 7 Apr 2008 15:22

3rd party insurance
I'm riding a South African Registered 1150GS and will be traveling through Europe soon, and thereafter in mid July freight by bike to New York, where I will start my North America leg of my RTW tour. The road will take me through USA, as well as Canada (And Alaksa)
I'm currently in UAE, where 3rd party insurance is required for all vechiles, but almost nobody want to help you getting it, but that's another story for another day.

Do I need 3rd party insurance in USA and Canada and where do I get it? Can I get it even before I arrive on the continent or shall I try when I arrive in New York City?


quastdog 7 Apr 2008 21:28

Check into it here
Auto Insurance - Car Insurance Quotes from Progressive. Motorcycle, Boat and RV Insurance.

if you can obtain it (do the online application), you can pay for it, print off docs online in advance of arrival.

US auto insurance is recognized in Canada - Canadian insurance is recognized in the US, but I don't believe you can obtain it as easily (or cheaply).

Guest2 8 Apr 2008 09:25

Hi Johan,
I am looking at this now. On previous trips to the USA I just went into a local bike shop and brought it over the counter.
Not sure what level of police presents on the road you are used to, but in the USA it is high and I always manage to get stopped and have had received a speeding ticket so it pays to be legal.
I had a quote from Fernets for $140 for 2 months which is they limit on non residence insurance, you can renew after 2 months. The web page states 3 months but that has changed.
Overseas Visitors

The 2nd quote from
Maria M. Alessie
Assurantiekantoor Alessie
Eliotplaats 174
3068 VL Rotterdam
The Netherlands
tel +31 10 4 555 946
fax +31 10 4 555 948
email - alessie at alessie.com
She is an agent for Acord insurance and has quoted $200 for 4 months. The quote process is long winded.

For Canada you need interstate insurance with a minimum of $200,000 liability.
I will try Progressive today.
All the best.


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