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jondoe 29 Mar 2003 08:44

Word Map for GPS

I'm a newbie to gps,
and i wonder,
i'll be going on RTW,so what maps to get for gps.
Is there a map for the whole world,beside Map Source base map,cause it's a joke,a lot of blank areas,etc..

or is there a map for every region.
I'll go:Africa,S.america,N.America,Australia and Asia.




A.B. 29 Mar 2003 23:16

Since you mentioned Map Source then you must have a Garmin GPS. Unfortunately that’s the only option for you. There are versions of Map Source, which focuses on different areas so check with your Garmin dealer. I would say you still need a good paper map. If you have to have some sort of digital moving map then consider perhaps a PDA mounted on the handle bar loaded with proper navigation software and decent maps. But that’s a whole other story. You might want to search the forum for more info on this as we’ve discussed this before.

Hope this helps.


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