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fattony 17 Jun 2008 22:02

Which unit for city use?
G'day. I know there's alot of comparisons around here and opinions on which are the best satnav/GPS units but I'm interested in what you think is the best option for my particular situation. There may be a system out there that is ideal for my needs. I'm doing a 4 month trip around Scandinavia and Eastern Europe this summer on a Yamaha Fazer, so there will be no off-road riding and I will have plenty of time so for most of my riding I don't mind using a compass and a European map book. I don't care much about which routes I take (though preferably not the motorways) or getting lost on back roads (half the adventure). What I would like a navigation system for is finding my way around towns and cities. Apart from this trip and a 2 week trip to Spain next year, I probably wont have any use for a sat-nav since after that i'll be selling my bike and moving back to Australia. I would probably use a GPS device for hiking from time to time, if i had one. The bike units are very expensive, esp for only using on one or 2 trips. Ideally I'd want a unit that included all Eastern European cities.
Ideas???? Opinions??

Frank Warner 17 Jun 2008 23:52

Cheapest unit that is

1) water proof - europe weather
2) includes maps
3) larger screen

The bushwalking thing .. well I'd seperate that from the unit you buy now... for that you want good battery life .. and shonky maps (free and not shonky) will do you fine for the walking! I'd recomend the Garmin 60Cx .. it is becoming obsolete so may go on special sometime...

fattony 18 Jun 2008 14:29

garmin quest and Atlantic autoroute
Cheers Frank,
Ive seen a garmin Quest for £190. Its waterproof and comes with Atlantic Autoroute basemap. Does anyone know how detailed are the city/town maps in Eastern Europe on this basemap? and up to what size towns/cities have street maps or is it just the really uckin big cities that are covered?

Robbert 18 Jun 2008 16:55

That's not very detailed unless you buy the city navigator data with it.

I'd get tomtom one, mio, garmin something in a sale somewhere and put that in the tankbag.

djorob 19 Jun 2008 10:28

Have to agree with Frank.
Having had a few units (tomtom rider, navman, etrex, etrex vista, magellan) now own a garmin 60csx.
I use it on the bike, in the car, on foot and sea kayaking.
Not the biggest screen for bike and car use doesn't give voice prompts (don't like them anyway) but a bonus when walking or in cities.
Uses 2xAA batteries or power from car/bike, and takes a variety of maps for road navigation or topographical for hill walking ect.
V good GPS ariel and battery life and buttons aren't too bad to operate when on the bike.
Depends on personal pref at the end of the day but I like the fact it uses off the shelf batteries and is more pocket sized than most ones with a bigger screen and internal batteries.

fattony 19 Jun 2008 16:11

garmin 60
Thanks for your input. Can both the 60csx and 60cx be powered from the bike? Is that with a 12V adapter? Which mounting system do you recommend? Do you know which available maps would be best for Eastern European and Scandinavian city navigation?


djorob 19 Jun 2008 20:35

The csx takes micro sd cards, mine came with a 2 gig one pre loaded with maps of europe (city navigator 7 I think) which I used in Sweden/ Norway ok.
I made a mount for mine but TT do one and you can get a garmin one for the car you could convert.
The power cable goes direct to 12v supply, I believe the cs is powered the same way.
It doesn't charge the batteries (if they are re-charge ones) when powered by the cable just the unit.
eBay seems to have a few deals with pre loaded cards, I got mine there with a US base map (not really a prob unless you zoom out).
If you get one and need some maps let me know.

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