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UTS Rich 6 Mar 2008 18:04

whats the best way to use unroutable maps?
As it says really.

I'm a bit new to this whole GPS lark. A friend and I are planning our first 'serious' tour, easter 2009 as three weeks touring round Morocco. We've got various people's data from their own trips to use as a start in planning a route, and I've downloaded Olaf's vector map. I've only ever programmed a GPS for use on roads and putting in start and end locations and having it find the quickest/shortest/prettiest route is easy. But how should I go about using a map like Olaf's?

Tim Cullis 6 Mar 2008 20:28

You don't say what model receiver you have and whether you are using Mapsource. Take a look at the stickies here: Mapsource Software & Maps - Questions and Tips - ::. UKGS'er.com .::

Basically in Mapsource you change the routing to 'direct' (or offroad), then use the route tool to choose a start point and end point. Now click on the route and drag it to other via points.


UTS Rich 6 Mar 2008 21:35

cheers tim.

i'll be using a garmin 276, so yes, its mapsource.

thanks for the help.


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