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Wile E Coyote 4 Aug 2010 21:13

Waterproof Tomtom case & mount??
I'm hoping to use my standard tomtom on my motorbike and would welcome any ideas/recommendations for a waterproof case/ mount that will hopefully fit on the screen mounting bar on my GSA, as always any help gratefully received!


backofbeyond 5 Aug 2010 07:50

I've been using a PDA for satnav etc for a number of years and have it mounted in an otterbox - link

Mine's one of the 1900 series. Link is to the US site as I couldn't find a pic on the UK one.

It's worked well and withstood some horrendous weather

CosI'mFree 5 Aug 2010 10:37

Look Here
Have a look here http://www.horizonsunlimited.com/hub...26amp%3B+mount

Wile E Coyote 7 Aug 2010 20:07

Thanks for the link, I've located exactly what I needed from it!

Thanks again


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