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OnALark 7 May 2007 06:05

Waterproof PowerStrip :)
No Luddites replies, please....

I've got a 75W inverter plugged into my convenience receptacle (BMW R11)

Trying to keep an IPAQ 2795 (running TomTom and Sype) , Toshiba Portege Tablet PC (running AutoRoute and Fugawi, Britannica, SQL server, IIS, ect.), Motorola GSM quad-band & iPOD charged. How does one find enough places to plug in multiple devices. Branching off the branches of the branches of the 12V supply sorta gets problematic after awhile as well.

Is a waterproof powerstrip that farfetched?

How are you keeping all those batteries charged on multiple onboard devices

Is there an easier way?

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