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kitmax 23 Sep 2006 20:13

Uploading waypoints to Garmin Etrex?
I have a list of waypoints I wish to upload onto my ‘Garmin Etrex’. I’m sure this has been covered before but I must have missed it…
This is what the ‘EasyGPS help file’ says: The ‘Send to GPS’ command sends the all of the waypoints, routes, and/or tracks in the file to your GPS receiver. That’s pretty obvious, even I can understand that! But these questions remain…
1) How do I get the data (now on a table in .txt format, PC computer) into EasyGPS so I can perform the procedure above.
2) Can I direct this data into a folder on the ‘Garmin Etrex’ to keep it separate from other stuff?
3) How much data can an Etrex hold?
All replies much appreciated

Frank Warner 25 Sep 2006 01:05

Size of Etrex..
There are many different types of Etrex GPSes... so the answer varies .. go to the Garmin www.Garmin.com ? site for the info on how much it holds .. or look in the manual that come with the GPS..

Data (file) type
How did you generate the .txt file? Is it comma or tab separated? Have you tried GPSbabel www.gpsbabel.org ?

Separating the data
Within the etrex .. it will keep the waypoints separate from the tracks separate from the routes .. it is then up to you to name them so they make sense and there names won't be duplicated at latter date ..

kitmax 27 Sep 2006 17:04

GPS again
Thank you Frank, I shall visit those sites and see what comes up.
To answer my own question, I think I read somewhere the Garmin Etrex holds 500 waypoints.
I have a Garmin 152, car mounted, but I can't connect that to my computer either!
The data is save in a Word table, and I converted it to text and came up with an .ans file ending. It needs to be hand dressed a bit, and then I expect it will be a tab separated document.
The Garmin website doesn't mention 'inputting' data, only all the wonderful things it does once the data is there!
Thanks for your help - kitmax

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