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alan hopkins 10 Jul 2008 12:06

TomTom v1 mount issue, anybody else..?
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I purchased my TomTom1 and the unit is great. Easy to use and reliable.

The mount supplied with it however is not.

The unit powers down when the ignition is switched off but as the contacts between the powered mount and the unit are very poor, the slightest jolt (road use only!) and the unit completely shuts down.

To re start the unit on the move is impossible due to the two handed button push needed so basically be prepared to pull over every few miles and switch it back on then wait for the re boot etc. etc... (and watch all the vehicles you just overtook go sailing by)

So I run my unit off it's internal battery and have to charge it from the mains with the adaptor I had to purchase and carry with me. Is this a design fault? TomTom say not.

Then two weeks ago my mount completely de-laminated resulting in the unit dropping down between the petrol tank and the front forks. Fortunately I was travelling slowly and in a straight line. (see lousy lo-res pic below)
I super-glued it back together but now the contacts don't reach at all and is my ham fisted superglue going to be weather proof?

It is bloody annoying that such a good tool is let down by a crappy plastic mount

1/ Buy an expensive mount from touratech to replace the one i already purchased from TomTom
2/ Buy the mains charger and remember to recharge overnight (don't forget your euro plug adaptor)
3/ Buy a new £350 unit to replace the one you bought even though that one still works perfectly. TomTom do not offer any discount at all here
4/ Comp[lain to TomTom as this is a manufacture fault especially as the new improved V2 is identical in every way... apart from the mounting system (strange that!)

I attended the TomTom Rider chat at the travelers meet and Colm(spelling?) discussed this very issue ie. that the unit itself is great but let down by a flawed mounting system.

If this had happened to a factory accessory then it would warranty a recall/modification but as TomTom is a gadget option they are not prepared to help.

The chap I spoke to at TomTom customer service said this problem is not a fact but merely an opinion on a forum. Interesting...
So I wondered if anyone else has encountered this 'opinion'

I will post TomTom's response on here as and when.

TravellingStrom 15 Jul 2008 11:24

M8, I can tell you for a fact it is a failure on TomToms part. I know this because I had the version one TT, also two of my friends had them. All 3 of ours cracked.

Where the screws hold the back together is where the problem is. All ours started the same way as yours, cracking the plastic causing the pins to not connect, running out of battery power etc.

Yours is not wired to turn on with your ignition, so you also experienced the problem of it not turning on by itself. Maybe find a switched wire instead of direct to battery.

Now, all 3 of us got new mounts for the V1 under warrenty(2 years warrenty down here). I got more than that a bit later, because I found that I had other issues and that was that bike vibration on long rides(I have done a few over 5000km) the actual pins wore holes in the contact pads. Check out this photo of my first unit!
I sent the TTV1 back and it was replaced. Then a few months down the track went on another ride and the same damm thing happened, wore holes in the pads. I was pissed off at this stage and gave TT an ultimatim, they could do 3 things:
1. Buy me the Touratech mount to lock the system in place, which would stop the vibration
2. Replace the TT V1 again, and again and again, every time while it was under warrenty until it broke down outside warrenty, then I would bin it
3. Upgrade me to the TT V2 as I had heard it had a different mount system

Within 2 weeks I had a brand new TT V2. I have not had any mechanical issues with it and it has performed within spec and I have done some more long rides. The mounting system is 400% superior.

Consequently, I have 2, yes 2, V1 mounts sitting here on my shelf doing nothing. They are available if you are interested. Unless you want to go the warrenty claim route, maybe try that first?

The Touratech mount is expensive, but it will stop future cracking, but not the vibrations causing holes, only gaffa tape or cable ties will fix that.


TravellingStrom 26 Jul 2008 23:22

Sorry Alan, but as there has been no response to this thread nor from pms, the spare bracket/mounts are no longer available, unless there is a response within the next 12 hours.

I am closing down my flat and packing everything away, I have waited but I now need to start moving stuff to storage.

Sorry about that, you are probably on the road, hope you get the issue resolved.


alan hopkins 15 Aug 2008 13:26

Thank TS
I did reply via P.M. I would not trust the original mount as it would drop my tomtom again so if tomtom do not offer an upgrade to versionII at a discount price I will go back to Garmin who in my opinion make more 'industrial' quality equipment

Sorry nor not replying sooner, good luck on your travels


TravellingStrom 17 Aug 2008 10:38

Hi there

I finally got your reply, good luck with TT, hope you get what you want, safe travels


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