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Patman 13 Jun 2008 05:19

Slop in the Touratech MvG Zumo Mount
Just got my TT mount and it's not quite as tight as I'd expected.

The (hilariously translated) instructions state "The screw at the plastic ZUMO cradle has to be removed. Otherwise the locking mechanism of the Touratech bracket is not working properly."

Well lemme tell ya, it ain't so on the one I got from TT. In fact, there's so much slop in my mount's locking mechanism that, with the Zumo cradle removed, I can move the mount's latch a good 5 milimeters vertically. Of course, with the cradle in place the two tabs at the rear of the latch make contact with the Zumo's latch and stop it from moving too far.

Just the same, this seems awfully loose to me. Is my unit defective, or are they all like this?

Vaufi 13 Jun 2008 13:14

Ummmh... shouldn't be like that. Even on the standard Garmin mount the Zumo fits fairly tight when the flap (catch) on top is pushed into place. This fiddly micro screw is just to make sure that the catch doesn't come up by accident and thus releasing the Zumo.

I haven't tried out the TT stuff, but the only difference should be that you have additional rubber pads left & right of the Zumo and this additional locking mechanism. The backplate is mounted on rubber blocks to reduce vibrations.

Up to now my Zumo didn't jump out of the standard Garmin cradle even on rough dirt roads.

Patman 13 Jun 2008 16:41

Yeah, the Garmin cradle is nice and solid -- not an bit of wiggle between it and the Zumo when it's locked in place. My issue is with the Touratech locking mechanism. There's so much slop in the lock itself that it allows the latch, the part that swings up and over the top of the Garmin cradle, to move up and down over at least a 5mm range.

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