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JimmyNorth 6 Aug 2011 18:28

Sat Nav Question
I have a fairly urgent issue.

I am completely new to Sat Nav and bought a Garmin Nuvi 705 car type system earlier this summer. I have got a little bag for the unit and it velcro's onto the handlebars fine and intend to run a socket directly from my Triumph ST 955i output socket directly into the unit. The bikes output socket will be 12 volts. Is this ok for the Garmin or does it operate on a lower voltage ? If it does I will need some kind of adaptor to lower the voltage so where do I get his in the UK.

The way I have the thing set up at present is to use the car type adaptor which comes with the unit and this plugs into another adaptor the other end ow which fits into the Triumph's output socket.

This is quite urgent now as I am off in 14 days.


oothef 6 Aug 2011 18:54

I'd say, if it plugs in to the 12 volt system of a car, it'll plug in to the 12 volt system of a bike.

neke 6 Aug 2011 19:22

I have a Garmin nuvi 510 and I use a car charger I bought for this device connected to a car-like socket I've installed on my DL650, so, as far I know, you could use the same solution if the socket mounted on your bike is a car-like one. Maybe you know this "car charger" as "vehicle power cable".


geofergo 12 Jun 2012 07:07

I have purchased a mappy which came with French instructions. I like it but am still getting used to it. Does anybody know of the Mappy 330 ?
Is there any French speakers who know the Mappy and would give advise and tips in English? Hopefully I'll exoerience it more going to Ripley, H.U.

Tourider 12 Jun 2012 12:08

Already Done
I think the Garmin units take 12 volts input and somewhere in the unit it gets knocked down to 5 volts to make it work. So the box you talk of is already there.

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