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ghorian 6 Apr 2008 01:58

primitive navigation software for mobile phone?
I'll be riding in the middle east shortly. I'd like to use my bluetooth GPS puck, but without any digital maps. For countries like Syria, such maps are not available anyway, or if they are, they would cost more than I'm willing to spend.

What I'm looking for is some rudimentary navigation software for my cellphone, that does just a few simple things:

* Tell me the point of the compass towards a defined point.
* Tell me the current distance to that point as the crow flies.

That's it. No maps, no GPRS connection, no machine talking to me.

I need this primarily to find certain places in alien large cities. I don't mind to drive a bit back and forth as long as I have an idea of the general direction, how far it is, and as long as I know I'm there when I'm there.

Can anybody recommend me a piece of software that can do this? It should run on Java (J2ME) phones. It should be free or very affordable. Thank you.

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