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scotta 23 Sep 2003 20:59

moving maps

Am thinking of purchasing some software to navigate with whilst off road and am also thinking in the future of a trip from london to Cape town.

I have downloaded the Oziexplorer trial and it seems good. I can scan maps and navigate with a GPS and my laptop.

I have also been told that touratech software is good too but it seems to be twice the price

Which software would you recommend and what does touratech do that oziexplorer doesnt

Thanks Kindly


apattrick 23 Sep 2003 22:47

If you going to be using a PDA to display the maps, OZiCE (add on to OZiExplorer) only works with PocketPC OS and TTQV only works with Palm OS via Pathaway software (add on to TTQV). If you are using a laptop running windows then you can use either.

I have only used a demo of Ozi and not used either for real but will most likely be going for Ozi as I prefer the PocketPC platform and don't want to take a laptop with me. Personally I was very impressed with Ozi.


A.B. 25 Sep 2003 23:23

I’ve used Ozi Explorer on the past but now use TTQV exclusively. Both work very well as advertised and you won’t go wrong with either.

I prefer TTQV because of the way it stores its data. It has a powerful, but easy to use, database system that’s very flexible and capable of storing huge amounts of data. You never have to load a map, waypoint, or track file. Everything is indexed in the database and retrieved automatically. TTQV also lets you draw and annotate the maps, adding features, modification or notes.

I hear that Ozi Explorer programmer is planning a database feature as well but when or how good it will be is not clear at the moment.

Ozi on the other hand is cheaper and looks much better than TTQV. So if you don’t need the database feature and you’re quiet happy with opening and saving files, then it’s the software to get.

Andy made a very good point in his post above regarding PDA. If you plan to use one, then you’re choice is already made for you.

Hope this helps


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