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jimmy46 7 Jan 2008 20:04

Mapsource I've buggered it up !!
Hi I bought a secondhand Garmin 2610 it came with all the discs and unlock coupon codes, I want it for navigating through Asia so I bought smelly biker improved world map and for fun downloaded a New Zealand map it was all working great in mapsource on my computer and I even managed to transfer maps to the Garmin and routes etc great!!!. I then tried to add another map Thailand which also had an EXE file to change the registry ...It has all gone horribly wrong. After running the exe file I lost all the maps. I removed and re installed Mapsource but still can't see the world base map or smellybiker or New Zealand...I guess I've screwed up the registry ...can anyone talk me through the process to get it all up and running again...please....please.


DAVSATO 7 Jan 2008 20:28

dont touch that dial!!!

get on garmin.com, find your local customer services, give them a call and explain what you did. as long as your unit and CDs are kosher they are really helpful and know what they are doing. they should be able sort you out mate.

i had registry issues when i bought a new unit and changed from CitySelect to CityNavigator, customer services went through it on the phone and also emailed instructions how to go into regedit and delete one registry set so the other could work. dont go mucking about with regedit unless you really know what your doing, you could screw up your PC too!

dont panic, it'll be something really basic(he says)

Frank Warner 7 Jan 2008 21:53


Originally Posted by jimmy46 (Post 167027)
I removed and re installed Mapsource but still can't see the world base map or smellybiker or New Zealand..

You now need to install
the world map
smellybikers wanderlust maps
the New Zealand maps

You should not use regedit at this stage as by 'unistalling mapsource' you should have wiped out all the registary entries for the maps ...

What you could have done ..

Using XP create a system restore point

Install maps set

If it does not work - use the system restore to undo teh map installation!.

------------------ More techincally inclinde people who are too lazy to use system restore (me) use regedit to do the same thing .. but don't have to do the first step.

JMo (& piglet) 8 Jan 2008 19:52

I did something similar with my 2610 the other night... and no matter how many times I tried to uninstall and reinstall Mapsource, the registry didn't clear, so I used regedit to wipe the Garmin registries, and hey presto all working again...

If you go to the Garmin website and FAQ, there is a section on how to do this...

Good luck, it's pretty straight forward to be honest...

JennyMo xxx

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