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Gertmans 20 May 2009 14:33

Maps for Argentina, Chile and Uruguay for Garmin
Find GPS maps for Garmin on:

Proyecto Mapear

I think they're more complete than the ones at

GPS de Argentina y del ConoSur

At least in Chile they should be cause it has street names on urban level (most, not all, like Santiago was not quite complete). I like them anyway....

The latest version uploads to Mapsource and from there it's easy going uploading them to your GPS.



marker 28 May 2009 22:34

Hi Gertmans!
Yes the map mentioned by you is much more detailed than the Geored version. If comparing e.g. Paraguay it is 4.59 MB vs 461 Kb!! And that goes for all.

Did you arrive on time for the party in Riberao Preto??
Enjoy Brazil, stay away from the piranhas, and hope to meet you again here in Bombinhas,


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