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omar mansour 17 Aug 2007 15:09

looking for gps
so i think its time to buy new gps ,i have the Magellan sport track.and i think its getting old ,like me hehehe
i need to be a member of Garmin family cause of the ease to find maps ,software,
my needs is ,it will be for my Toyota ,i need a good Gps not so expensive ,lots of way points ,and also routes
i ,m in north Amercia right now ,the Garmen street pilot ,c 330 ,and the others c 300's are not expensive,wide screen
,so any hints?? oh yeah mainly i will use it for off-road in north Africa ,so
have good day all of horizoners

SouthernFox 28 Aug 2007 12:04

I'd go with shockproof & waterproof... for serious travel.


noel di pietro 28 Aug 2007 12:35

What is not so expensive?

Did you look at the 276c. Seen a lot of raving comments by offroaders! It is designed for Marine use but works just as well on land.


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