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DrKev 11 Nov 2009 11:15

Log GPS journey on Android Phone, Export KML etc

I have a Google T-Mobile G1 Phone. There is a very useful app developed by Google called My Tracks For Android.

It is available on any phone running the Android OS. Its FREE too.:thumbup1:

I've found it to be very useful in recording a journey, then you can seamlessly upload (via 3G, WiFi etc) to your Google Maps. And then obviously embed these in your blog etc.

If you are in remote parts without 3G etc you can save and upload later. It is also possible to save your track to the SD card on the phone as a .GPX or .KML file and use on Google Earth etc.

You can also at the same time when uploading to Google, save the trip data as a spreadsheet in Google Docs.

Each trip is categorised with moving Time, Total Time, Distance, Ave,Max Speeds, Elevation etc.
Google then also summarises all your journeys and provides stats accross all your trips.

I intend using this when crossing Africa, to provide updates on exact routes that were open and various track conditions. etc

YouTube - My Tracks

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