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nickthedesigner 9 Mar 2008 00:53

Live in Bucks, UK..? I need help using wanderlust maps on zumo 550
Hey there,

I'm really not sure what on earth I'm doing, and how to manipulate the wanderlust maps (wandereast and wanderwest) to be used... Do I have to open them in Mapsource (have managed this) and then select the tiles and save these as say France, then select the next lot of tiles around germany, and save as germany etc...? How many tiles can I get away with saving as one map if this is in fact the way to do it...?

How do I use the data...? The Garmin basemaps seems way more useful, so I think I have completely missed the point of why Smellybiker's is useful...

I'm headed all around the world on a 2 year trip, leaving April 1st! Please help!

Would be great if there's someone around Bucks/Oxfordshire, who I could go round with my laptop, and sat nav and they could talk me thru it all.



beddhist 9 Mar 2008 17:24

You select however many tiles you want to have in your GPS at the same time. Naming them is optional. Connect GPS and upload the maps.

Yes, Wanderlust maps are only marginally useful at this point. It is work in progress and depends a lot on people editing the maps with tracks, where they have been, turned into roads.

Make sure you keep all the tracks from your trip.

A new version is around the corner. To get a preview you can download the British Isles for now.

brittman 9 Mar 2008 17:45

zummo 550
Hey mate i am a member of this site for zumo they have lots of answers on the zumo. look here ZumoForums

Frank Warner 10 Mar 2008 02:28


Originally Posted by nickthedesigner (Post 178733)
The Garmin basemaps seems way more useful, so I think I have completely missed the point of why Smellybiker's is useful...

I don't know what base map you have .. if it is Garmins world map (err version 3? I think that is what I have .. the newer one may be better) then it is fairly compared to the current wanderlust (v1.6). Wanderlust v1.7 should be much better. It may have auto routing. It does have topo information (heights) ... well as far as I have looked.

Using the map (either)? For what purpose?
Planning - you can get a rough idea of how far it is from one place to another - routing. Ok it won't auto route .. but you don't really know all the places you want to go before you are in that place any way. So get a rough idea of how far. Then add say 20%. And figure out servicing, tyres etc .. allow plenty for error!

On the road - booth are only a rough guide - inaccuracies of over a mile can be found. So a rough guide.

Loading maps - that is mapsource .. not wanderlust nor world map etc. Read stuff on mapsource .. do the tutorial .. think there is one on Garmins web site.

Do log your tracks .. best at the highest detail you can .. and with "lock on road" turned off. Send your track logs to smelly biker (wanderlust) and they should get included in the next version. That is the best way the maps improve. I add about 1% to the maps around home .. just to give you an idea of the size of the data .. and the smallness needed to improve it.

nickthedesigner 14 Mar 2008 01:29

I appreciate what Wanderlust is, and that it will improve by people sending in their tracks, though I can't understand HOW it will improve. Currently when I zoom in on say Mongolia, I get a mesh of lots of red lines, which are not discernable as one track (ie it's not possible to follow one guy's route as far as I can tell...), now how will having infinitely more of these line improve things... I'm sure my lack of understanding of tracks, routes etc is the root proble here, but again... I need someone to SHOW me, in front of me, how this works. Transferring what people write here into a completely coherent instruction is tough, though thanks al for trying.

Anyway... is there anyone out there who can help me??

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