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danny_fitz 22 Mar 2012 14:40

How to navigate via a dashboard mounted laptop/tablet?
Have seen on here how a number of people have wired their GPS to a dashboard mounted laptop/tablet and used the large display for live navigating. Any ideas how you rig up such a system, what software is required etc.

I have a Garmin Montana and a new laptop!


sgt_raffie 22 Mar 2012 16:00

You need a cable to connect the GPS to the Laptop (like this one: Computer USB Cable for Garmin Montana 600 650 650t)

Than You need software that will be able to talk to the GPS. If I`m on main roads I`m using vector maps software (like tomtom or garmin). If I`m off the beaten tracks I use Ozie Explorer.

You would also need a way to charge the laptop while in the car.

One thing to take into account are conditions of the overland travel. Modern mainstream laptops often don`t survive more than 5 years at home. So imagine what will happen on a rutted track. One solution is a rugged laptop. I`m using a Panasonic Toughbook and I`m quite confident it will not fail me. Other is a normal-ish laptop with ssd drive instead of normal HD.

This is just a quick note, ask away if You need any more info.

eljulian 17 Jul 2012 13:04

Garmin Mobile PC is Garmin's turn-by-turn navigation software for PCs. I tried it once at home and it looked pretty good.

Microsoft AutoRoute seems to do turn-by-turn navigation as well
AutoRoute 2011

Here's a helpful page by a British couple who successfully mounted a laptop to the dashboard of their campervan:
Europe By Camper: Dashboard Mounted Laptop / GPS

Griffdowg 20 Jul 2012 18:46

I run a HP TC1100 in our Land Rover using a Garmin bluetooth GPS. It runs Mapsource/OSM maps and Memory Map OS maps here in the UK.

Easy to install, easy to take off the dash and the tablet only cost £100. No dramas.


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