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QueNoEs 31 Oct 2009 20:07

Help plotting route from Garmin Zumo to Google Earth
I want to plot a track ridden from my garmin using Google Earth. GE is a great app but I can't get it to plot a ridden route with a single clean line that can be viewed from any elevation (scale). I have experimented much (& wasted a bunch of hours).
I recently rode Buenos Aires to Machu Picchu and back via Chile and earlier this year Buenos Aires/Ushuaia/Rt 40/Coast of Chile/Buenos Aires (I've got more than 20,000 miles on the clock down there.)
When I import the date it will insert the thousands of waypoints ridden (the markers the GPS generates every 15 seconds or so) - this almost works - it creates an ungainly plotted course consisting of a bizillion ugly icons with poor resolution - I want a clean line.
I was able to get it to plot a clean line but when the view changed to a large scale (viewing the map at county/continent size) the plotted route, like rural roads, disappeared; I was not able to adjust the line’s properties so that it could be viewed as previously stated.
Any thoughts/ideas for this example would really be appreciated.

ps. if you are looking for great high-detail free maps of the southern cone go here - registration required but they don't bother you:
Proyecto Mapear

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