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MikeS 24 Mar 2006 18:35

Hard wiring GPS (Quest) to bike
This has no doubt been discussed somewhere before but I have a Quest GPS i'm looking to mount on a 1150GS. I've seen the Touratech brackets which cost £70-100 but they don't seem to do wiring for 'hard wiring' to the battery.

Can anyone suggest the best method for doing this?

Also the touratech ones differ in price due to some additional rubber mounts to damp vibration- I'm looking to do the americas this year- is it worth spending dosh on expensive damping mounts or would the cheepo Garmin bike mount do just as well?



fcasado 24 Mar 2006 22:14

Does it help?


Ekke 8 Apr 2006 00:07

Hi Mike,

I too am mounting a Quest onto my 1150. Doing a fair bit of research it seems that the isolating mount is intended more for big singles that vibrate. The 1150 is pretty smooth so shouldn't need the extra isolation. It also depends on how you mount the Touratech piece. If you mount it directly to the cross bar then more vibration would be transmitted to the unit than if you mount the Touratech mount onto a RAM arm. I've got a RAM arm from my old solution (GPS 12 on an R100GS) so I'll probably use that unless it takes up too much space in the cockpit.

As for power to the Touratech mount they sell special leads to either connect directly to the battery, or the BMW plug. Here is the link for the American distributer:


Hope that helps!

davegonefishing 30 May 2006 19:19

quest on xt600
i have a quest on my xt600 on the cross bar using a ram mount and its q-pac form gpsw.co.uk it works fine even on rough tracks....

MikeS 20 Jul 2006 15:59

Finally got round to hardwiring my Quest cradle to the bike (GS1150). A BMW mechanic told me how to do it. For electro-numpties like myself this is how:

Take off the plug from the GPS wire, get a 'Scotch lock' to tap the hot wire into the green and white wire (think its a brake light wire?) under the RHS frame below the seat. Then connect the negative wire to one of the seat mount bolts as the earth.

The GPS only works when the ignition is on too.

After going for a few runs with the GPS on, its working well and so far nothing has burst into flames yet which is always a good sign...

sa6 22 Aug 2006 20:30

hi there i got one of these Garmin Quest 1 & 2 GPS Motorcycle Cradle and Cable Kit

Authentic Garmin. Turn your Garmin Quest into the ultimate motorcycle tool with the Garmin Motorcycle Cradle and Bare Wire Cable Kit.

Now you can enjoy the thrills that GPS navigation has to offer on your motorcycle. Garmin's new Motorcycle Cradle Kit, allows you to easily move your GPS unit from your car to your motorcycle.

The bare wire cable lets you connect the your unit to direct power, and the 2.5mm audio jack lets you hear all of the GPS voice commands.

cost 26 pounds + about 13 pounds p&p

Works a treat..
hope this help's


superm0t 1 Sep 2006 12:22


Originally Posted by sa6
hi there i got one of these Garmin Quest 1 & 2 GPS Motorcycle Cradle and Cable Kit


Andy does the cradle hold the quest very securely? The pictures don't look like there is any real system for the quest "locking" into the cradle?

motorcylingJim 17 Oct 2006 22:47

Sorry to be short but if I can help...

Been travelling for the past 18 months straight on my R1200GS. Using Quest 1 in the Quest plastic cradle then onto a Ram ball mount. It has always held fine and solid, and vibration is not a problem on my bike, nor on an 1150GS that another rider has whom I met along the road and swapped bikes for a few hundred miles. The Quest cradle comes with a hard wiring cable that you can either attach to a activated power source or as I did, connect a male auxiliary socket and plug it into your power outlet. The locking mechanism is a plastic slide that pushes two small pins into holes on the back of your Quest. As I said it works great AS LONG AS YOU MAKE SURE IT IS SLID BACK ALL THE WAY IN (about a quarter inch travel). Really, it has never been an issue until, literally today, when in a rush I didn't push it in all the way and about 2 miles onto the highway it popped out of the cradle so that I could watch in my mirror as it bounced along the road before being crushed by the truck behind me. That being said, if you lock the switch it is virtually impossible to remove from the cradle. It was totally my error. If I had the Touratech cradle, which I did buy at first and then returned, it would not have popped out IF I USED TKE KEY LOCK OPTION, but still it comes down to user responsibility. Is the 3x cost of the Touratech worth more than the plastic Garmin? If you appreciate fine craftsmanship and have the money, the Touratech is a lovely piece of machinery. I returned it because it didn't come with any power cable and it just seemed too much to pay for what it is meant to do. Also, I think the plastic Garmin cradle looks like part of the bike and not something to steal, unlike the Touratech which is so nice looking it would certainly attract light fingers in many European places I've been to.

The Garmin cradle also takes up less visible space, giving me more view of the instrument panel. May I also highly suggest getting a com-unit like the Autocom (best service I've had from any company) and taking advantage of the voice feature of the Quest. It is so helpful and releases me from looking for signage or focussing too much on the Quest screen, to enjoy the ride and the views with confidence of taking the right turns.

Caoimhin 14 Feb 2007 21:48

Garmin Quest mount
Hello all hoping to buy a garmin quest motorcycle mount for my 650 dakar. Tempted to splash out on the toutatech model but heard that the garmin mount is ok and cables are supplied. Any info would be great.

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