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mavis cruet 23 Jun 2005 18:45

gps v to iceland
going to iceland next month and thinking of taking my gps v. anyone any ideas of the best set of garmin maps to buy for it? ta

Guest2 23 Jun 2005 19:01

I was looking at this as well. I used to have a Garmin V and I used Mapsource Atlantic V4, I up graded to a 2610 with Atlantic Version 7 mapsource. Unfortunately V7 cuts Iceland in half so you only get the eastern half. I have not checked but I suspect the western half is on the Americas Version. Version 4 Atlantic has even less of Iceland. I also have Mapsource World map which has Iceland but not in great detail and Worldmap does not have Auto Routing.

If you want to try Worldmap you should be able to find a copy on ebay.


geokobbi 24 Jun 2005 00:46


You can get a Icelandic map in you GPS here in Iceland. Contact the garmin dealer here in Iceland (rikki@rs.is). Rikki is a biker himself (GasGas) and will be able to give you all extra info you need. Look also at www.garmin.is or http://www.rs.is/sidur/verdlistar.php?verdlisti=10400

The map costs around 15.000 Icelandic kronur (ISK) [around 175euros] and it can only be inserted in your gps here in Iceland.


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