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Bundubasher 23 Jan 2011 09:41

GPS III Plus / USB cable driver
I have an old Garmin GPS III Plus which my wife to to northern Kenya to recce some routes. Now she's back in the UK we need to get the data off it and onto a newer laptop with USB ports and running XP.

The cable I have is not being recognised by the laptop and I cannot find the driver installation disk that came with the cable. Does anyone have any sort of USB/Serial port emulator software that will allow mapsource/and the computer to recognise the cable/GPS?

If you could email me the exe I would greatly appreciate it: enzo at africa4x4cafe dot com


Bertrand 23 Jan 2011 12:03

Enzo, the drivers you need are available for free from the Garmin's website.
You may have to edit your registry file as windows will allocate a default aka often wrong driver automatically if you plug in a gps before having the right one.
Run regedit
look for a yellow triangle
uninstall that device
Download the drivers.exe file from garmin site
shut down pc
plug in gps- it should find the correct driver

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