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harrybo1 18 Mar 2010 21:23

gps for dummies
hi everyone new to gps,planning 5 week trip to the balkans thought about garmin 60 csx, bmw quoted me £674 fitted for there sat nav,seems a bit expensive thats why i fancied the garmin would appreicate some feedback regards carl

ukiceman 18 Mar 2010 22:28

£674 fitted :censored: me! i just looked on eBay, you can pick-up a Garmin Zumo for £350... i had one for three years, wicked kit! Now i've got a garmin oregon 400, just as good and, only needs two AAs bats in it + its handheld + Touratech do a bar mount for it.....nice

ozhanu 18 Mar 2010 22:51

i have garmin 60 csx and it is fantastic. never let me down. you can buy one for 200-220 quid from ebay and can buy a handlebar mount just for 10-15 quid. also add 5-10 gbp for usb power cord. total lets say 245 quid. far away from 674 gbp... and the rest 430 gbp will be enough for petrol to morocco.

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