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vickey 3 Oct 2010 06:20

GPS combined with PMR?
I have come accross a peice of equipment that seems to be a 2 way radio for communications between vehicles and also GPS.

I need both the PMR and GPS and wondered if it was a good idea to have these combined in one unit?

The unit I have found is a Rino 530HCx - does anyone have one of these? Are they any good? Here is the link with specs if anyone can assess?

Otherwise I was going to get a garmin GPS handheld GPSMAPS 78SC - again - if anyone has this unit or can suggest a better unit i would be appreciative of advice. Many of you have suggested a Sumo 660 is very good also - is it just personal preference or technically better?

The unit is required for overlanding the Sahara.

With thanks

muppix 3 Oct 2010 08:37

Personally I'd go for separate units as in my experience when something tries to do two jobs it does neither very well, and a failure in one affects both. Zumo 550 and 660 are both great but aimed at on-road navigation, so you may be better off with a dedicated orienteering GPS. I've only got experience of the eTrex series which are great for hiking but may not suffice when driving. My PMR of choice has always been "Alan" - just make sure you avoid the cheap stuff. :o)

vickey 4 Oct 2010 11:17

Thanks for the advice - I am actually ahving trouble finding anyone that deals with PMR here in Australia - seems mostly CB so will keep researching. Might have to try and find an internaitonal website and buy from that. Any suggestions about where you bought your Alan set would be much appreciated.


muppix 4 Oct 2010 11:58

Hi Vickey,

Oops - I made a mistake! I don't have a pair of Alans after all, I have a pair of TTI 1446, which I purchased from maximonsolutions.com.

tti TX-1446 tti TX-1446 [tti TX-1446] - �99.99 : Walkie Talkie Communications Specialists, Walkie Talkie Communications Specialists


vickey 4 Oct 2010 12:18

Fantastic! This is just what I needed. Will jump onto thier website and take a look and more importantly - place an order!

With many thanks

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