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AlexD 17 Aug 2011 19:39

Google Earth alternative for Android tablet?
I quite like the idea of an external GPS (which I have) hooked up to a cheap Android tablet, this would give a big screen and potentially my own customisable map sets, but what software to use?

Is it true that Google Earth on an Android Tablet has the KML/KMZ functionality reduced/disabled? If so has anyone used any other software to show on a map where the gps says you are? I'm at home creating content for the maps so I'm just looking for somewhere to view it with realtime gps updates.

ozhank 18 Aug 2011 04:55

I have a Motorola Defy running Android, which is waterproof and dustproof. I also have a Hema Navigator which is for in-vehicle use only.

I have download Androiz from the Market and it uses my calibrated maps from the Hema Navigator (Oziexplorer ozf3 format). It works very well on the limited testing that I have done - about 3000km. The only issue I have to date is that the cursor pointer is hollow and can be hard to see sometimes, but it is always somewhere in the centre of the screen.

The maps I have are all the Hema Australian maps plus all the 250k topographical maps of Australia, as well as some geographical maps that I have calibrated using the free version of Oziexplorer.

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