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MikeS 17 May 2006 17:09

Garmin Quest 1, TT mount and TT power cable
Ok, I've just got the TT lockable mount for the Quest and the TT power cable (not the one with audio).

Can someone please describe (preferably in really simple, child-like terms!) how to hardwire the cable to the bike's (GS1150) battery (or wherever is best). The cable has the standard power plug on the end which I'll have to cut off but I'm sure there's more to it than that.... eg Is there a fuse to go in there too, and if so, what type, connectors etc.

I do already have a spare BMW power socket on the handlebars but was planning on using that to charge stuff in a tankbag. If its not possible, what do people do with all the spare power cable if its plugged into the handlebar socket? Just tie up the wires somewhere?

Any help appreciated!


MikeS 28 May 2006 21:59

The mechanic at Motorrad suggested lopping the end of the TT cable, cutting into a green/black wire under the seat on the RHS, which is a brake light cable and eathing to the frame. Also this brake wire should be fused.

Before I get my swiss army knife out, anyone else tried something like this with any success?

Ekke 29 May 2006 03:36

Just mounted Quest 2 with TT mount on R1150GS
I just made my installation permanent today!

I had been running it off the BMW accessory plug up top with the extra wire just zip tied off. That way I could easily take the whole mount off (I have the TT mount on a RAM arm).

Today I decided to wire it semi-premanently to the bike. The BMW plug just unscrewed and then two small screws held the wires to the plug. Blue was to the outside (ground) and red was to the centre (positive). I agree 100% that it is a good idea to connect it to a fused line on the bike but I'm afraid I took the easy way out and just clamped the wires directly to the battery. :blushing:

MikeS 29 May 2006 12:36

Let us know how you get on Ekke- i read somewhere the Quest will need a 1.5a fuse or possibly lower rated.

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