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Zimi 12 May 2011 22:33

Garmin 60CSX trouble with making routes with world map 4
Hi! I used my Garmin 60Csx with City Navigator 2009 without problem until Russia, and now, I'm selecting World map 4, and drawing routes with the route tool, select the parts of the maps, and send the maps and routes to the GPS like I did with city navigator. But then, when I want to select the route on my GPS, I don't see the new routes I created with world map. I tried several times, tied to switch to City Navigator to send the routes, but I never see them...

Can somebody help me? It would be very nice to be able to use my gps for the rest of my trip to mongolia, I'm only in Moscow now...


Bertrand 13 May 2011 11:29

Hello David
Solutions for you

1- Garmin's World map is NOT Routeable

2- Create your route using Mapsource AND having selected world map, save it then upload it the normal way to your unit, you will be able to see it BUT you must make sure you switch your 60CSX to OFF-ROAD.
The reason for this is that World map does not contain routeable data so your GPS, in off-road mode, will go from point-to-point in a straight line.
It will not take any obstacle into consideration however small or large!! and it is up to you to use navigation skills!

When no map data exists and I have to use World Map, I mostly use the 60CSX in COMPASS MODE having chose the data fields I need
1- I can see the compass
2- I can see the direction arrow
3- I have chosen these useful data fields that you can customise
Distance to Next, ETE to Next, Odometer

Remember to:
1- Calibrate your compass each time you change batteries
2- Calibrate your compass daily - (slight overkill but it makes sense)
3- Your compass will ONLY work properly in compass mode when your 60CSX is FLAT as in horizontal as it is a single axis compass.
(compared to the 62S model has a 3 axis compass)

If it is in a mount on your handlebars at an angle then:

In your set up , you can chose the speed of your bike at which the compass will switch from Satellite compass to 'compass'.

When I had the 60csx, I had the speed set to compass v low at 5Kph as i preferred the Satellite compass on due to the single axis problem.

If I stopped - to use my paper map, I took the 60csx off the bike to get compass bearings. It was designed as a handheld device!

Make good use of your odometer & you can help yourself in difficult circumstances especially if you have the 'distance to next' data field showing in the nav. page. The more it reduces, the closer you're getting to your next point- bearing in mind that it will increase as you go round obstacles like mountains!!

One alternative FREE solution is to request the maps free from Open Source maps and there you have many choices, one simple one being the image ready one that you copy straight to your micro-sd card.

Another is to buy Russia CN from Garmin
Have a good trip:thumbup1:

Garmin 60CSX manual is here

Zimi 13 May 2011 19:49

Hi Bertrand, yes I saw and I answered you, dont know why my answer is not here! I said thank you very much, I think it was the problem that I didnt choose the option off road!!!!

many thanks for your help

Bertrand 14 May 2011 08:56

Hi Zimi- thanks for letting me know-
The web site has been undergoing upgrades so it is possible your reply may have 'disappeared in the great electronic soup in the sky'!
Safe onwards travels:scooter:

P.S re Mapping- OpenSource maps might be useful to you, they are free and routeable too.
Request via their site, usually within a day you get an email reply with the link-
1-download the img. ready one,
2-copy img to your micro sd card-
no installation required.:thumbup1:

beddhist 14 May 2011 09:31

You get the OSM maps here: Free worldwide routable Garmin maps from OpenStreetMap

I would recommend that you download the Mapsource installer version of the map, because that lets you plan your routes on the PC, whereas if you load the .img file directly the you only have WM4 on your PC, which is not very handy...

Zimi 14 May 2011 17:28

Hi guys, thanks for you infos. I tried your methode Bertrand, but the problem is, I even can't see the route in the list on my GPS. I have a list of 52 routes, I don't know how to delete them, they are on the memory of the GPS, not the micro-SD card and I don't see the routes I planned with world map in the list. I can send them no problem, but they don't appear on the list....

Because to select "off road" you have to be able to select the route first, right?

chris 14 May 2011 18:37

To delete routes on a 60csx, bring up the routes window, press menu and choose delete all (to delete all routes), or open an individual route by highlighting it, then press menu and chose to delete that particular route.

Is there a 50 route limit on the 60csx?


Zimi 15 May 2011 05:02

Hi Chris, yes it's 50 routes I checked now in the documentation Bertrand sent me, I don't know how I could have 52!So now I delete everything, and try to send a new route... And Damned!! I can't see it on my gps...

Bertrand, there is only one way to switch to off-road mode?AFTER you selected your route on in the list?

I'm trying to download the open source map to give a try, thanks for the link beddhist, but my connection is slow... we gonna see if it works better

Thanks for your help guys, I hope I can finally solve this problem befor I arrive in Mongolia!!!!

beddhist 15 May 2011 06:44

You set routing to off-road in Menu > Setup > Routing. It's in the manual.

I drew a route on WorldMap:


As you can see it's all straight lines, because WM is not routable. In Mapsource when you send the route you get:


In Menu > Routes it looks like this:


I select it and then press Navigate. The map then looks like this:


If you have a routable map loaded and routing not set to off-road then the route will be re-calculated and you will get turn-by-turn instructions.


Bertrand 15 May 2011 10:05

At the risk of taking 'flak' :blushing: & for your own safety Zimi, I would strongly encourage you to RTM -

The lack of understanding of how to use a gps has caused many a great deal of frustrations, wasted time and fuel.

Peter- are you back in Whangarei??

Zimi 15 May 2011 20:10

Hi guys, so thanks again for your help. Now it works! I installed opensource map, tried to make a route and send it to the GPS and I could choose it this time! (I think the problem was that I was not aware of the 50 route limite before), then I tried to do a route with mapsource, same I did before, and now I can see it as well, used it today for the first time, great!

but yes I agree, I'm a little bit a newbie for these GPS, and hadn't time to test it before I left. But thanks to you guys, now I will manage to be able to use it

Thanks again!

beddhist 15 May 2011 21:29

Just remember: the map you are planning the route on in MS should be the same as the one loaded into the GPS, otherwise the results could be more than a little surprising.

Zimi 19 May 2011 21:15

So it works now, quite good, not very easy to always find the right road. I tried with the open source map, and each time I want to send the map + route to the gps, it crashes... like internal error, do I need a specific version of mapsource to work?

Bertrand 19 May 2011 21:23


Choose the tiles in Mapsource, plug in your Micros SD card placed in a card reader, send the map that way.
Zimi- I hope you'll ride up to the HU meet up in Germany in a couple of weeks- I'm giving a talk on OSM - hope you'll be there:thumbup1:

Zimi 28 May 2011 03:29

Hi Bertrand, no sorry, I'm in Irkutsk now and in 3 weeks I'm going to be... in Mongolia! Too bad! Would have been very useful for me!! I'm only comming home by the end of september.

By the way, I find the route of worldmap pretty innacurate in russia, like sometimes I am driving on M51 or M53, and on the gps it's like I'm driving 5-10km away from the road, and sometimes the shape of the road is different as well.

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