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davidlomax 27 Nov 2008 20:43

Garmin 60 Csx Power Supply...
I have a few days to get a power supply for a Garmin 60 Csx before leaving the country and almost all the thing I keep looking at provide no definitive answers, so I'm looking for a little reassurance bfore taking the plunge as I'm only going to get one shot at this before I leave!

The Garmin 60 has two ways of powering it, either the four pin garmin socket to the rear OR a small USB port right?

The Garmin 60 range CAN use the same USB power supply as the NUVI 200 and 300 series....possibly?

I can get a perfect Garmin 60 power supply but only from the 'States or Germany and I only have three working days left so thats a no-no.

I'd like to get one from the UK but I can't find an obvious seller?!!

Any ideas on any of the points above.

As ever, many thanks guys...


Frank Warner 27 Nov 2008 21:33

If you are thinking of powering the GPS using the USB port while moveing .. don't. The USB port is not strong enough for that ... fine while stopped and doing data transfers to a computer .. but moblie .. no.

LittleBigCheng 28 Nov 2008 22:20

Hi Dave,

did you find a power supply ?

where are you heading ? I am in Switzerland, near Lausanne, and I have one accompanying my 60 Csx, currently I have no real use of the car power supply.

If it is on your way, drop me a PM, and we should be able to arrange something.


Baron Bolton 29 Nov 2008 16:39

I've got a car cigarette socket power cable for my 60 CSX, you buy that from me if you want, and I'll get another one. That way you know it'll work...
call me if you want to do this, 07973 134904

razmataz 29 Nov 2008 16:43

4 pins or batteries
Dave, not sure I understand correctly. The Garmin 60 series can either be powered with normal AA batteries or the 4 pin cable.
I use the map 60 csx in the Africa Rallyes and it works fine both ways. The 4 pin power supply can be ordered via Ebay within 48 hours I say for not more than 27 Euros, mounting takes 20 minutes. The Touratech mounting for the handlebar is durable and good for travels, but is with 75 expensive.
Otherwise use batteries. But if you do that, put a piece of rubber under the plate so the batteries dont rattle the connectors loose, that happened to friends of mine.
Take care,

chris 29 Nov 2008 16:59

Hi Dave
For my 60csx I use the same power jack (4 pin/cig lighter type) that I had on my, now deceased, old steam driven garmin 12xl. I have a cig lighter socket hard wired to my 12v bike battery.

Possibly several Garmin models usee the same power supply? I'd lend you mine, but I need it for my trip which starts mid-Dec. Sorry.

Remember to take spare glass type 2a fuses.

Good luck

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