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Gregorius 31 Oct 2007 18:57

Garmin 2610 questions...
Can anyone tell me how to force the 2610 into a proper 'off-road' mode? AFAICS the off-road option will still route you on a mapped road...!

My old StreetPilot III has an option to not follow its mapping which results in straight lines between waypoints. The 2610 seem to want to route on tarmac wherever it can..!



hillcityrider 1 Nov 2007 01:29

When you select GO TO, a window should popup asking Route Preferance. It will ask Faster Time, Shorter Distance, Off Road. If this window doesn't popup, you have selected Don't Ask Again, and it will route you on road. To change this select Menu, then Options, then select "Routing" across the top, then change Ask Me My Preference to Yes. Hope this helps.


Gregorius 1 Nov 2007 16:07

Hi Harry...

Thanks for the reply, but yes I did select off-road. The problem is that the 2610 seems always to take the closest marked road rather than just draw a line between waypoints...

The side-by-side comparison I've done with my SPIII showed me that the 2610 hasn't got the last menu item that allows 'as the crow flies' routing.

I don;t know if I can get screenshots - I might (if there's the least bit of interest.. ;-) ) even take a photo.

I know it's no big deal and the consequence is that I'll probably take the SPIII with me instead of the 2610 as as far as I know the SPIII's slow processor works adequately quickly with waypoint routing rather than having to struggle with maps , but I'd much rather have the memory capability of the newer model...


hillcityrider 1 Nov 2007 22:00

I had to go to the bike and play with my 2610 a little, and it will do a straight line to a waypoint. The trick is you have to have YES selected under "Ask Me My Preference." If NO is selected it will continue the way you last routed. Hope this gets you up and running, if not we'll try again!


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