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jimmy46 2 Nov 2007 19:07

Garmin 2610 American sourced...???
Hi I am looking to buy a 2610 and note the American price about £100 ...I understand it comes with a none changeable North American base map ..In practice what problems does this cause..How much will it cost me for European maps ..and can I load garmins world map onto it?. I am planning to use it for my trip UK to Thailand through China ...Can I load any raster maps onto it and get a moving position pointer..

Thanks Jimmy

MarkLG 2 Nov 2007 20:59

The European models are currently going for not much more than that on ebay, including up to date maps - most are going for £120-150. I've just sold one with the latest v9 maps for £150.
You wouldn't have a problem loading the European maps onto a US model, but the maps are going to cost the same amount again as you're paying for the GPS. It would be cheaper and less hassle to get a European one at the outset.
Garmin's worldmap isn't a lot of use - it's too basic to use on the road.
There are loads of people producing GPS maps which you can use on the 2610. Take a look here for starters:

NOeGS - GPS-MAG - Kostenlose Garmin Landkarten - Free Garmin maps

Smellybiker's Wanderlust Worldmap

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