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marker 29 Oct 2008 11:23

Free map for GPS of Brazil
For quite a good detailed road and city map of Brazi :


Than download the ´TRC-BRASIL´ which is the most complete of them all.

Only Sao Paulo has just the major roads, but e.g. Rio is very detailed.

Margus 29 Oct 2008 23:24

Thanks a lot for the link.

Just put it into my GPS and it looks good.

This will be very useful riding around here in Brazil.

After a 5 days here I love Brazil :thumbup1: (although the heat wave is killing me! :) )

marker 30 Oct 2008 10:50


Originally Posted by Margus (Post 212944)

After a 5 days here I love Brazil :thumbup1: (although the heat wave is killing me! :) )

well here in southern Brazil it is more a wet wave at the moment...

Just in case you need a good (and free) GPS map of Argentina and Chile too look at GeoRed
Go for the GeoRed V6.91.

GPS de Argentina y del ConoSur

Is all in spanish and you have to register first. (takes some days before you are get permission to continue).

Boa viagem!

marker 24 Apr 2009 12:11

they have updated their GPS map of Brazil. E.g. Sao Paulo centre is fully detailed as well now. Many POI´s too. Still for free!

Projeto Tracksource

take the TRC
Be sure to check the Autorouting option at the bottom before downloading, have heard from some that it is not working, but at least with my Nuvi and GPSMAP 60 CSX it does

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