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Gregorius 31 Oct 2007 19:04

Expert GPS software...
Has anyone any experience of using this package? I've downloaded it and have some scanned maps that I've used with it, but I seem to be getting a discrepancy in co-ordinates.

As far as I can see the software is set up properly, with WGS84 as the correct datum and the scanned maps have been calibrated with my Garmin MapSource maps, but if I prepare identical routes with both packages, the Expert GPS route is offset in the same way that it would be if the datums (data?) were different...

Any help apreciated


McThor 31 Oct 2007 20:41

possible solution
Maybe you've made the same mistake I did, allthough it was with regards to Google Earth as compared to my GPS coords.

Check if the coords are listed as Degrees:Minutes,Seconds or Degrees:Minutes, decimal minutes.

For instance: 56 08'11.52" N 10 11'44.39" E (Degrees, minutes, seconds)

can also be written as 56 08.859' N 10 11.741' E (Degrees, Decimal minutes)

As you can see, the coords resemble each other quite a bit at first glance. But taking a closer look you will detect the discrepancy that you have also noticed.

I hope it helped.

Gregorius 31 Oct 2007 21:31

Thanks for the reply McThor.

I guess I should have looked more closely at my stuff. Expert GPS suggests that you choose calibration points as far separated from each other as possible. This I did, using three corners of the map, however, doing that with a map that's slipped in the scanner produces.... offset results!

I re-calibrated my scan with known points on the route and bingo, everything lines up properly!

McThor 31 Oct 2007 22:13

Ahh...I see.

Well, glad you got it sorted anyway.

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