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bryan 10 Jul 2004 02:03

etrex -using co-ordinates?
i recently got an etrex,useful bit of kit,
but how do you? can you put gps co-ordinates in and then use the goto function?
what is the max distance it will work in this way?

ekaphoto 11 Jul 2004 09:44

What etrex did you get? There are several of them. The goto function works like this in the vista:

pick main menu

Click on the find. A screen will pop up with a list of waypoints, cities, favorates, and exits. Pick one of these

A menu will pop up that has two options: nearest and by name, pick one

A list will pop up. Pick one

The screen will show the coordinates of the place picked, the name etc. At the bottom are 3 choices, goto, map and ok. Click on goto. A compass with a pointer pointing to the waypoint will show up and show you the way. Also listed is course, speed, hr/min.

This is for the etrex vista, the others may be diffrent.


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