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NickG 23 Jan 2004 22:43

Choice Of Map
I thought I'd post a topic concerning peoples choice of map.

Any preferences?
I'm told that Michelin maps are particulairly good,but being a novice at this I thought I'd ask you more experienced guys and girls!!!

the celt 23 Jan 2004 23:26

Hi Nick,
If you tell us where your thinking of going it would help with the advice.

NickG 24 Jan 2004 01:47


I have to be honest with you,I have a few ideas but nothing solid,so far.
I can list the ideas,though!
Through Spain and down into Morocco for some exploration;
To Istanbul via France,Germany,Austria,Hungary,Romania and Bulgaria;
The Baltic states,starting off in France and heading east;
or Corsica,a place I've always wanted to visit,so why not on a motorcycle?

This may or may not help,but I hope to have something concrete by the end of February.

the celt 24 Jan 2004 22:47

Hi Nick,
If your still in the planning stage a basic map of europe will do for planning, I have used the Michelin maps through europe and they are great with great detail, try going to Stanfords (I think thats spelt right) they have a fantastic collection of maps but some are a bit expensive, and to be honest sometimes its better to buy the maps when you arrive at the country your visiting.
hope this helps

NickG 25 Jan 2004 01:45

Thanks for the advice,Jose,much appreciated.

beddhist 25 Jan 2004 04:16

For France Michelin is the thing to have. However, I have found that crossing the border into Italy the fine accuracy leaves something to be desired. Haven't found any decent maps for Italy yet.

Turkey: don't count on finding usable small-scale maps there; try getting decent ones before you leave.

Salut from Southern France, the bikers' paradise,


Fuzzy Duck 25 Jan 2004 04:19

The Michelin 'Europe Tourist and Motoring Atlas' ISBN 2-06-100136-X is very good - and last year's edition might be available from discount book shops for just a few quid.

It contains fairly decent maps of all of Western europe and basic maps of the Baltics - you can pick-up more detailed maps when you're in these countries if you need better scales (much cheaper than buying them here).

As it's spiral bound it also survives the road much better than the usual 1 sheet maps.

Fuzzy Duck
(I'm quackers about bikes)

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