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Dino Y 12 Oct 2005 19:54

Can not download tracks from gps unit to Pc using Trip and W
I have purchased MapSource Trip and Waypoint Manager and I have Garmin gps map 76s.
But I can not get any information from the gps device to the computer. I have tried all the interface options that my gps units has and still no result. The gps unit is conected through com1 when I search for gps units to download to my computer my tracks It can not find the unit. If I go to the gps tab and set it for traking it detects the unit but not when it searches for units. ( when I press the arrow pointing up). What should i do to download to my computer my routes tracks and waypoints from my unit?

Dino Y 13 Dec 2005 15:52

Now I dont Know if I did something wrong but it only detects the device when I am on line and then I can upload or download to pc or gps. When disconecting (I use Dial-up) it just does not detect anything. Is there something that I Should do to make the connection available in both on line and off line.

Ekke 14 Dec 2005 01:40

It sounds like the com port is being shared. Try changing to another port within the Waypoint Manager program. There should be about 4 of them. Good luck!

Ekke Kok
Redwood Meadows, AB
'89 R100GS
'03 R1150GS Adventure

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