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exrm193 17 Dec 2007 20:17

Basemap Wanted.....can you help?

I`m after a basemap/detailed map for North America.
Anyone know where there might be a download available for a Garmin?


MikeS 17 Dec 2007 22:08

Yep, just download Worldmap from someplace, that is basically the basemap you'd have if you bought a US Garmin with no software installed. Its what I used when i went. If you have a European GPS, it won't be routable but that doesn't really matter.

Tim Cullis 17 Dec 2007 22:18

You can install the free-of-charge iQue 3600 world basemap from Garmin, see thread at at GPS Expert Forum for information.


exrm193 18 Dec 2007 10:18


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