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Fiona 13 Apr 2008 11:57

Advice please!!
New to the site and wow there is certainly lots to read!
Ok planning a trip to Morocco next month, its 2 x on the bike and i have been giving the task of trying to sort out the Garmin Zumo 550! It is recently purchased and to be honest i am a bit lost with it all! I am trying to work out where i can get the map of morocco from to download? I suggested some of the sites that you have all kindly adviced about but my partner is saying well why cant we buy it from Garmin?? Can anyone help, me personally would have gone with the sites you have suggested but heah..........


Frank Warner 14 Apr 2008 04:17


Originally Posted by Fiona (Post 184356)
well why cant we buy it from Garmin??

Think you'll find the only map Garmin makes that covers Morocco is their world map .(you can find out on Garmins web site - they list all there product - maps too) ..The free 'Moroctopo' one is much much better!!! Best source for Morocco info is Tim Cullis (SP? I'm going to have to learn how to spell your name Tim..) Morocco info page on UKGSer* ::::* For BMW GS Enthusiasts ..

mikethebike 14 Apr 2008 18:02

Morocco mapping
The Knowledgebase is here:

Morocco GS Knowledgebase - ::. UKGS'er.com .::

and the maps are here:

GPS Vector Map Morocco

If you need a hand then let me know, I'm near you (on the Wirral) and, coincidentally, off to Morocco myself in May!!

Fiona 14 Apr 2008 22:35

Thanks for that................ i have to say the whole thing is very confusing!!!! Well it is when you just start trying to figure out how to use the Zumo and then realise that actually they dont cover morocco!! Managed to download i hope the map through map source (i think i now have a degree and still dont know how to use it!!!) from the sites recomended!
Well leaving the uk on the 7th May but not going via Santander, using newhaven to Le Harve then down through France and spain and over on the ferry prob about the 10th ish, so if you around that kind of time maybe if you have a zumo we can ask for a quick lesson on how the hell to use it!!!!
Thank you for the info

Frank Warner 15 Apr 2008 00:49


Originally Posted by Fiona (Post 184594)
a quick lesson on how the hell to use it!!!!

Certain I'm not using the full capabilities of my 60Cx .. but I'm finding my way.

There are several problems running classes for this stuff .. while the basics are the same .. each brand does it differently .. and each model does it with a different style... so unless you have a class for model x .. then you have everyone asking the same question ... but each requires a different answer ...

Your best learning the stuff you want to know .. the other stuff can come later .. if at all.

Nomadic1 15 Apr 2008 21:53

hey fiona, i should be in sheffield sometime next week (during the weekday). If you can get yourself over snakes pass I can give you a quick 15 minute demo?

Its not too difficult. The 2610 was a problem tho...

It adds an element of fun to your :mchappy:

djorob 17 Apr 2008 11:06

Morocco map
If you guys are having problems with the map let me know as I still have the one we used for Morocco in the zumo on an sd card.
I'll gladly post it on.
It was not a "routable" map so it won't give you turn by turn instructions but it will allow you to use waypoints or select points on the map and navigate you to them.
let me know.

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