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palace15 6 Apr 2008 18:52

2610 Map download problem
I am trying to download maps from my pc to my 2610, until now it as been no problem.
When I click 'find device' all it 'sees' is Removable disc (G:/)
when I click 'send' I get a notice ....Problem communicating with data card, the device is not ready.
Anyone know what as gone wrong? I believe the card is being read by the 2610 as it shows I have 'detail map' for whats in it now.
Many thanks

Nomadic1 6 Apr 2008 21:13

i had a similar problem - my solution was to go to maplins or other similar electrical shop and buy a multi card reader and download the maps that way.

my 2610 had no visible sign of damage,and the only thing that I remembered was updating the software to the unit and then it no longer working...

palace15 6 Apr 2008 21:32

Nomadic1, thanks for that, when I get back home on Tuesday I will look into that option.....

Frank Warner 7 Apr 2008 00:40

Have you undated Mapsource?

I find the device drivers get corrupted .. and they need to be reinsalled .. just run the device driver intallation again .. that gets it running again.

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