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xfiltrate 24 Dec 2008 17:46

Dakar Christmas - Argentina
The motorcycle in Buenos Aires is much more than a mode of transportation. Huge numbers of Argentine's know the Darkar is coming, they revel in its' many international flavors. The Argentines are very visual and just as the outside of a horse makes the inside of a man feel good, the sights and sounds of hundreds of international motorcycles rumbling down 9 de Julio, will make Argentina feel good. And, it ain't bad for business either...

The DAKAR, itself, has brought new respect to the thousands of motorcycle messengers that day and night weave in and out of traffic here, much like frantic Santa Clauses delivering toys to the children of the world. On weekends, hundreds of Harley's hit the street, many belonging to members of a first rate Harley Davidson club here, and then there are the national and international motorcycle adventurists.

All of these and most of the population of Buenos Aires welcome the DAKAR.

Here at the HUBB, we share our joys, our sorrows, our loses and the tidbits of information we have gained from our own motorcycle adventures with each other. We are a tough lot, we come from everywhere and accomplished much... we have united here to help each other and to share our stories.

In the spirit of the "DAKAR Christmas" in Buenos Aires, Elisa and I wish each of you a sincere Merry Christmas and know that you have our hopes and our prayers that 09 will be a prosperous and peaceful year for each of you.

Thank you, Susan and Grant for establishing these well used and informative lines of communication for us, your hubbers, and thank you to the hubbers, from whom we have learned much..... Ed and Elisa

xfiltrate 3 Jan 2009 16:31

Be Careful
I debated posting this, but if knowing about this incident might help anyone stay safe, I am making the right decision.

The Dakar Rally has been conducted in a safe manner thus far, and this isolated incident has nothing to do with the DAKAR.

Yesterday, on a crowded street in Buenos Aires, a thief was running from a store he had just robbed and as he turned and pointed a plastic gun at a police officer, the policeman shot him dead.

In the confusion, a motorcycle messenger, close to the scene, but having nothing to do with the robbery was also shot twice.

Another bullet struck the gas tank of another motorcycle passing by or parked nearby and the bike reportedly, exploded.

As the word spread and other motorcycle messengers grouped and began following the Ambulance, transporting the wounded motorcycle messenger to the hospital, the *police assumed these concerned "friends" to be a motorcycle gang and further gunfire was very narrowly avoided.

As the Argentine's welcome the DAKAR RALLY and are turning out in record numbers to witness the event (1/2 million at the Obelisco yesterday), life in this big city goes on, and the purpose of this post is to remind everyone of this fact. xfiltrate

*More on "Police" in several posts> North America Region forum, under " Beware of paranoid police in southern Arizona! "

Eat, Drink and be Careful and buy insurance damit.

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