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autonomy 17 Sep 2012 12:56

types of repair in Morocco
I am wondering to what standard and proficiency are Moroccan mechanics when it comes to body work.

I want to make a crawl through from cab to cabin in Morocco, and fabricate/weld up a bracket to secure my hi-lo ratio control rods.

regarding the crawl through - I am bringing with me a few lengths of L section ali and the canvas that will be the sock.

Does anyone know of a garage that does this kind of work? I have copied down the list from the thread

But these seem more like general repair garages?



Bohemiabones 23 Sep 2012 14:31

Hi, standards of workmanship can vary widely in morocco, so you need to supervise work. But least with bodywork you can see what is happening. I had some bodywork done just outside agadir by a very honest guy running a small workshop - he charged somewhere around 10 pounds a day labour for himself. i will be there soon to have windows and seating fitted to my truck. you will not find an english speaker, so an interpreter is essential and you need to bargain over the price - do not let someone get on with the job without agreeing the final cost first or you risk being ripped off in a big way. hope this helps!

TheWarden 23 Sep 2012 14:53

If he's a garage you'd reccomend it would be useful to add details here


Bohemiabones 23 Sep 2012 17:54

workshop address
i know how to find his workshop but dont have an address and cant even give directions...when i am there in november i will gather details and post them as suggested.

priffe 24 Sep 2012 23:45

There are many good craftsmen in Morocco, and it can be done with good quality for a low price. I prefer having work done in midsize cities - large enough that they offer a wide variety of services, small enough that you don't have to drive all day to get something.
Two cities I like for that reason are Taroudant and Tiznit, better than Agadir or Casa. I would avoid the touristy towns as prices would be much higher (suspension job was five times more expensive in Erfoud than Taroudant).
The guy in Tiznit (name is Mohamed, of course), is a very good general fixer. Does beautiful welding, painting, electrical and mechanical work, what he can't do himself he hires people. Unfortunately he is also a notorious kleptomaniac, which I've found out the hard way. Meaning I have to thoroughly empty the vehicle before leaving it with him.
So I don't know that I can recommend him. Sort of illustrates the kind of problem you may encounter in Morocco.

autonomy 28 Sep 2012 13:55

Thanks for the help ... I guess I shall have to make judgement when I get there and ask around...

Anyone at any point gets a good lead then please drop me a pm

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