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jdeks 19 Aug 2012 13:46

Route advice - Rekkam Plateau to Azrou
Hi everyone,

A few weeks back I chimed in on another thread, with a route I had planned for a trip on an F800GS I'm planning from 28 Aug to 31 Aug, and the advice that came back made it quite clear I need to plan a new route! Based on that advice, and a few weeks of reading ride reports, I came up with this;

Day 1: Tarifa - Tanger - Al Hoceima (via the N16)
Day 2: Al Hoceima - Taourirt - N19 to Debdou - R606 to Outat El Hajj - R 502 Boulemane - Azrou
Day 3: Azrou - Zouia Ifrane - Chefchaouen
Day 4: Chefchaouen - Tanger -Tarifa

However, I've still got a few questions.

The first one is to do with the bold section. My maps tell me that's a long day - 600km, with maybe 200km of that on piste. Ride reports indicate that Azrou and the Rekkam Plateau are really great places to visit, but is that day feasible? I've read a report here of a group of guys who did Melilla (customs and all) to Beni Tajjite in a single day, around the same time of year, on similar bikes to mine. So I think it's possible....but wanted to check with people who know. In particular, if it is possible, whats the best route from Outat El Hajj to Azrou?

Comments on the rest of the route would be great too. If anyone has any other recommendations for worthwhile detours/sightseeing/places to stay , I'm all ears.

Thanks very much :)

jdeks 20 Aug 2012 13:13

Well, I just read that the N16, the N19 and R606 are all paved...can anyone confirm this?


Tim Cullis 26 Aug 2012 13:36

Travel in Morocco is much slower than most people realise and the distances you are thinking of covering are so great you will not get a chance to experience much of the country. Day 1 is about 50% too long. Day 2 is at least 100% too long. Think in terms of riding at 80-90kph maximum on straight flat tarmac roads and averaging about 60kph. In mountain areas (like much of your route) you will sometimes be riding at 30-40kph.

Yes, the N16, N19 and R606 are all paved. Zero piste on day 2.

The N16 shown on some maps as going from El Jebha to Kalah Iris (west of Al Hoceima) is a figment of someone's imagination. Additionally the N16 from Oued Laou to El Jebha has major construction works, so you should take the N2 (very slow winding road) if you are still planning to make for Al Hoceima.

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