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AlexD 22 Oct 2012 19:28

Pistes du maroc - any experience?
I'm planning another trip to Morocco, this time hoping to head to some even more out of the way places than are covered in Chris Scott's books, which I took with me the last two times. Has anyone used the "Pistes du Maroc" books? I know they are in French, but are they readable by looking at the maps and using schoolboy French or would I need to be fluent?

I noticed them for sale at Fort Bou Jerif and wish I'd checked them out now.

pera 22 Oct 2012 20:05

I´ve used them and I recomend them. It´s very interesting trying to read them because J. Gandini knows very much about Moroccan history and habits.

To follow their itineraries you only need to put the waypoints in your GPS, I think you can follow the instructions that complete GPS information.

You can find them here: Accueil - Extrem'Sud

TheWarden 22 Oct 2012 20:49

Not used but interested for much the same reasons. I believe you can buy flash cards of the routes to load into the gps. My French isn't up to reading the books

AlexD 24 Oct 2012 09:21

ok, it's probably worth the effort to track one down, thanks.

twenty4seven 24 Oct 2012 17:50

I have the one for the Western Sahara and I cannot understand a word, I did use Google translate for some parts, but it was hard work.

Nothing to stop people just following tracks on the Olaf map, for example there is an alternative Jebel Sarhro piste on Olaf which is just as good if not better than MH4 IMO, also there are GPX tracks available for download for some Spanish sites and people here if you ask around :thumbup1:

The Chris Scott book is still very good and I have a feeling there is an updated one out sometime soon.

Oo-SEB-oO 25 Oct 2012 07:52

You don't need to understand what's in the book. There's A LOT of info that you don't NEED to ride but is nice to have just as info about the surroundings etc. Just by looking at the ccordinates and I'm sure you can understand right and left so you should have no problem.

I have a few of them at home, for sale if you want. I bought them last year straight from the author, but I am for some more adventure, so I won't use any books anymore while going to Morocco. If somebody is interested, ther are in MINT condition, they never left my bookshelf. Price would be less that the new ones of course. Anyways, PM me if interested. Just know that tomorrow morning I am going to the HU meeting in Germany and from there on to Morocco for 4 weeks... :scooter:

Oo-SEB-oO 25 Oct 2012 21:01

I looked in my bookshelf and so here goes if somebody is interested (note: I am not a shop or anything! I am just seizing the opportunity to get rid of some books that maybe somebody wants-money will be spent on next trip anyways...)

- Pistes du Maroc tome 1 (High and Middle Atlas mountains)
- Pistes du Maroc tome 2 (the south from Tafilalet till the Atlantic)
- L'Atlas Marocain Nouvelles routes touristiques (full color with the best of whole morocco - it's a new book, just got published in 2011)

I think they are the best 3 books about Morocco he has published, as what interest us as motorcycle guys are the pistes in the mountains and in the desert and they are completely covered in these two issues. The last one is a really nice book in full color and high quality glossy paper about the best of all of his books, so if you should venture to an area that is not covered in the first two, you still have the back-up of the third one for the rest of the country. And this one is also more pointed towards "things to see" and less 'extreme': all the routes in this one are sealed roads, so no offroad or pistes. So if you are not 100% confident about sometimes really mad experiences, this one is also definitely a should have one.
A short movie from the author about this one:

So, the new price was 30-30-38€ which is 98€ = 79GBP.
Postage is 15,50€ from Belgium to the UK (I will find a box somewhere for free) = 12,5GBP.
Total would be 91,5GBP... I want to have 60GBP all in delivered at your door in the UK if you are interested.

By the way, I am leaving tomorrow for.... Morocco! For 4 weeks. So please forgive me if I don't answer immediately to PM's or mails... you know how it is! :scooter:

AlexD 26 Oct 2012 00:02

I'm hoping to track down a few out of the way tracks and perhaps come up with off-piste links between them, obviously past the mountains, so I was looking for volume 3, the Draa valley book. Thanks for the offer though Seb, these books are getting tricky to track down.

Oo-SEB-oO 2 Nov 2012 15:43

Books are on their way to a happy new owner... ;-)

I think in any case for those interested, you should try to find them somewhere and buy them, as different ones are out of print at this time and you can't even buy them from the author anymore...

Rasthurlo 8 Nov 2012 09:56

Flash Cards

Originally Posted by TheWarden (Post 397578)
I believe you can buy flash cards of the routes to load into the gps. My French isn't up to reading the books

Where can one get these flashcards?

TheWarden 8 Nov 2012 17:39

www.extrem-sud.com/telechargements.html - Translator

looks like I made a mistake and they are downloads but essentially the same

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