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reggwensie 9 Apr 2012 19:21

Piste Conditions around Jebel Siroua
I posted this elsewhere, but it's more appropriate here as people may be looking to travel this Easter. It's also updated:

My friend is still out in Morocco doing a round of the Atlas around the Jebel Siroua

So far his text reports have been:

4th April - over Titchka in sleet and no better on the other side
5th April - freezing auberge near Ouarzazate
7th April - done route MH7 50km of "trials" across washouts and gullies. Passable for experienced drivers due to flood damage east of Askoun. Camped at 2500m - my breath froze on the sleeping bag
8th April -North part of Ijoukak to Doutkad piste is terrible. Went up it last night, wasn't looking forward to coming down this morning!
9th April -Back in Marrakech...

He's in a 110 with HD suspension, MTR's and is a confident off-road driver (see here http://www.horizonsunlimited.com/hub...p-report-63601 for pics of the first part of the trip in WS.

I hope this is of help to someone.

GavinF 10 Apr 2012 12:13

Thanks for posting my short reports. To be fair the Ijoukak piste is in OK condition, it's just a bit nervy to drive up when you're tired.

I'll start a trip report in a new thread. It'll be fairly short and no photos yet as I don't know when I'll get a good connection again.

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