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Chris Scott 21 Nov 2008 14:36

Morocco: Where to stay - please contribute
A short list of recommended accommodation in Morocco started on a recent thread (extracted below). This is a good idea as in my experience in the south the two main guidebooks (Lonely Planet and Rough Guide are pretty outdated for the places in between.

So please add your own recommendations and note posts off topic and other chat will be removed to keep this list to the point and so easier to use.


Chris S

Others' recommendations:

The Cedars Hotel in the main square is a good overnight base at just 80dh/night (showers and loos in corridor).
Tim Cullis

From there we drove to Chefchoen (?? spelling??). This is a lovely little town with a very nice campsite at the top of the hill - both highly recommended.
thestens 1/09

My personal preference for accommodation at the Tislite Bride (N32 11.802 W5 38.510) because of the beautiful setting. Some years it's warmer than others. http://www.horizonsunlimited.com/hub...0-2#post228642
Tim Cullis

Ibis Hotel, near the main Railway Station. 10 min from the Medina, 43-45 euros with breakfast, parking lot and a bar (witch is expensive)
Air America

There is also a fantastic hotel (the Asalay) in Mhamid that you really should stay a night at...

there's the Auberge du Jaffar a few miles out of town just as the first piste starts (N32 38.672 W4 46.351).
Tim Cullis

we stayed at the hotel atlas, which is a nice private pension.
for a double room we payed 100DH. that included shower and a garage for 2 bikes.
coordinates are: N32° 40' 54.7 W4° 44' 39.5


not an hotel but a small guest house, "Retour Au calme" 2 or 3 rooms, less than 1 km after the place on your right hand when toward East, friendly guy.
(Eric DN)

My favourite is Auberge Le Festival which is about three or four kilometers north of the narrow gorge section of the Todra at N31 37.297 W5 33.677, see Auberge le festival. It's a great location and Addi, the owner, is a thoroughly nice guy and deserves the business. He also serves a brilliant 'big breakfast'.
I've stayed a few times at the Bougafer at N31 30.199 W5 32.476 which is on the way out of Tinerhir heading west.
Another alternative is the Tombouctou at N31 30.913 W5 32.029. Heading west through Tinerhir you turn left at the traffic lights and it's 400m on the left. Don't be put off by the entrance.
(Tim Cullis)

Camping & Hotel ... can't think of the name, but it's on the Ouzarzate side of town going out of Tinehir ... on the left hand side of the road about 2km from the grand taxi rank. The owner is Hassan, secure parking there!


My own recommendations (or not) all from 2008 or with a date.
hb = half board: dinner, bed & breakfast.
Prices are per person unless stated otherwise.

Auberge Agoudal, north end of village
Away from the village run by friendly old Hassan, abasic place with good food and a small stone built room or two and adjacent shower/toilet. Parking off the road
120 hb

Agoudim (east of Imichil)
Auberge Oudadn
We only had lunch at this basic auberge with dorms and benches by an apple orchard run by Ahdaous but it's a lovely place for a break, overnight or simply just to get snowed in.
120dh hb

Alnif - start of Route M4 (now 15km piste, north end sealed)
Hotel Bougafer
West end of town opposite the Gazelle du Sud. Basic en-suite room, good meal but a bit pricey. Tries to send you on to the complex Tazzerine (see below) and bit of fossil hassle. Roof terrace.
200 hb

Le Gazelle du Sud
Nicer place and friendlier, keener staff than Hotel Bougafer IMO, though less used and does not look it from the outside. Lets you wheel a bike into the lobby. Truly huge amounts of OK food for dinner and breakfast, I think the cook wanted practice. Nice en-suite room, huge empty easting salon and a terrace.
170 hb

Immouzer (north of Agadir)
Hotel des Cascades (2004)
We slogged up here in our overheating Merc on the basis of the old Rough Guide account (the current description is unchanged). We should not have bothered.
500-800dh for two it says now – way overpriced.

Boumalne Dades
Hotel Soleil Bleu
Didn’t stay here but sounded interesting from Rough Guide so went for brekkie. Great location, eccentric interior but manager looses interest if you're not a bird spotter and the ‘delicious and inventive’ breakfast on the terrace managed to be both the meanest and most expensive I’ve ever had in Morocco (50dh for stale bread). A possible punishment for not being a birder so IMO give this place 'the bird'.

Hotel Figuig
The only choice in town AFAICT, but a great place with a character all its own. Not as old as it looks, with clifftop terrace overlooking the palmerie, outying villages and the lights from Beni Ounif in Algeria. Friendly staff, good food, small en suite room. You can camp here too with a bit of shade.
Double room for two 250dh with breakfast, evening meals about 70dh.

Foum Zguid (2006) - Routes M8 and 9
Campsite on the south end of town on the right before the auberge. Small place, not much shade as I recall and locals passing by above stop to stare. OK ablutions.
50dh for a tent

Foum Zguid
Auberge Iriki
South end of town on the right after the camping. Keen staff, OK food and good en suiteroom and salon with TV. Domestic setting so it’s noisy but a lot better than the rough-looking Hotel Bani off the town square.
170 hb

Fort Bou Jerif - 'FBJ'
Accessible by road from Guelmin then 10km of corrugated track, also from Sid Ifni. I had the same impression as 8 years ago: brilliant food but a dreary, windy location and over-rated IMO (the actual fort ruins are nearby and well worth a look). FBJ has since become an off-road tour group feature with snake charmers by night but 'Parisian' service.
30 euros hb in a Berber tent with bedding (a switch but no lights). Rooms also available.

Igherm - end of Route M10 (all sealed and leads right into town)
Hotel Anzal
Right on the cross roads in town, just 50dh for a room with toilet/sink in the hall and shower offered, plus 35 for a soup-and-bread dinner plus breakfast. Not a tourist joint (or indeed town) but it does the job. Has a busy locals' bar with widescreen Al Jazeera and lets you put a bike in their lock up over the road. Yelping dogs by night. The Rendezvous on the Taroudant road looked empty but possibly less basic?
85 hb

Igmir - halfway up Route M11
Igmir Guest House
A great tourist-oriented place just over the oued in the palms before the steep climb. Friendly old guy, very nice cosy rooms (ablutions next door) plus a big salon tastefully decorated with local artifacts. Food was OK but there was plenty of it.
195 hb

Auberge Tislite
A couple of km out of town (plenty of auberges here but the LP hasn't noticed) and just off the road by the lake where you can camp (marquee on site). Food was cous-cous unfortunately and it seemed a bit expensive for what it was, but maybe not considering the location and fame of Imichil.
440 dp for 2

Layounne Plage (2006)
Campsite or a patch of cleared ground around an ablutions block, it’s hard to tell. No shade as I recall and no one was around apart from a campervan so we didn’t pay. To get there drive 15km west of Layounne on the N1 and just after the fuel station on the left hand bend turn right for 5km: N27°10.60’ W13° 23.55’.

Hotel Kasbah Panorama
We scurried up here to get out of a pelting sandstorm. It's the usual kasbah-style joint found around Erg Chebbi but distinctive in that it's on a hill a km or two north of the village. Nice salon and good food but owner seems a bit in love with himself and lost interest once we didn't want to go cameling up the dunes.
200 pp hb

Auberge Kasbah Mohayut
Rough Guide recommended and rightly so. Full Moroccan desert chic treatment with a pool and blue-roberd staff decked out in goofy in oversized turbans. Dropped it to 250 hb for me after a bit of a tour for a very nicely done out small room. Food was good, especially the big buffet breakfast.
250 hb

Meski Source Bleu (Between Rachidia and Erfoud)
Good shady camping around the warm spring that feeds a pool but the coaches don't stop here no more. Spoiled by over insistent 'invitations to tea' which led to the usual, plus locked toilets and inoperable taps (though there’s another ablutions block by the pool).
30 for bike and tent.

Hotel Kasbah Asmaa
Pimped-out 'palace' on the south edge of town which you imagine locals and tour groups think is simply fabulous. Room on the roof was nice enough after a long day (we gave up on Rich, down the road) and breakfast was a belly-dancing buffet. Parking out front by the road was extra for the guard.
420 with breakfast for 2

Afriquia Motel
In the Afriquia fuel station forecourt a km or two south of town. Handy place 300km south of Nador. Like a cheap European motel and initially felt a bit brothely. Small en suite room with TV and resto next door. No place for a bike unless you ride up the steps onto the terrace, but an hour after dark all is quite.
170 room only

Nekob - end of Route M5
Auberge Ennikil
East end of Nekob, a great location overlooking the palmerie and Jebel with locked parking inside the yard. En suite rooms upstairs (250dh) or shared downstairs with OK bathrooms. Spoiled on my visit by the goofy, mimicking teenagers left to run the place with the usual food banged out.
160 hb

Hotel Vallee
Inexpensive tourist place bookable online near the oued on the south side of town. Semi-pimped décor and medium-to-large turbans, small rooms around a pool with guarded parking out front. Food in the salon was OK. I hear the Jardins next door alongside the oued is better.
440 hb for two

Ouarzazate. south side, east end
Nicely done out rooms on a roof terrace with shared toilets and the use of a well-equipped garage for any guest in need, not just bikers (room to lock up bikes overnight). Plus great cooking en famille.
30 euro hb only

Auberge Kasbah Derkaoua "Chez Michel" (2004)
Out in the desert, not the hassle-prone town. Another place we stumbled into out of a storm with help from the Rough Guide. Very pricey but nice big rooms around lovely gardens, a warm welcome from Michel and great food too. The place got flooded out in 2007 and may have changed.
800dh for two for obligatory half board. Closed in Jan and summer.

Jebel Sarhro, Route M5
Auberge Tizi Tazazert
We stopped for lunch here (omelette 12dh) but the guy showed me around the basic stone rooms built among the boulders for lodging right on the pass at 7500 feet. Something different and no muezzins for miles.
120 hb

Tafraoute Hotel, end of Route M11
Right in the Afriquia fuel forecourt, a dependable cheapie with shared bathrooms and the usual food, but a noisy town centre location and irritating touts on arrival.
170 hb (room only 80dh).

Auberge Safran, east end of town. I mixed this up with the Souktana up town which the guidebooks both rave about (RTFGB!) which is why I was disappointed. Although both dinner and breakfast were great and most of the staff welcoming, my room (all en-suite, it must be said) was twice the size of the bed and as plain as the Anzal in Igherm. In warmer weather the front terrace is the best feature (you can wheel your bike in here) but the minstrel salon upstairs was a bit drab and all in all the Safran did not add up to the 270dh half-board bill.

Over the road the Auberge Askaoun was trying hard to please 6 months earlier as well as adding more rooms (as was the Safran) and my recollection was a more agreeable, cosy salon as you walked in, as good food and a much bigger en-suite bedroom only for about 120dh. Next time look forward to checking out the Souktana.

Ksar Tafnidilt
Six kms piste off the N1 highway that may be tricky in a 2WD when I was there (came from Plage Blanche, went to Tan-Tan). Didn't stay here but had a good look despite no one around. A great looking adobe kasbah facing the original ruined ksar. Similar pricing to FBJ but a much more memorable location.
Room only 150dh, hb 470pp, raïma tents from 60dh pp

Taourirt (100km south of Nador)
Roadside Aire de Repose: N34° 24.56' W02°57.28'
A new complex on the N19/N6 junction about 50km east of Guercif. Adds up to a resto, Comarit booking office, clean ablutions and a friendly guard plus free camping round the back on grass. Handy place to head for off the evening boat but pretty noisy with trucks and trains shunting along the new railway branch line up to Nador.

Hotel Renaissance
Southwest end of town, 5 mins walk from the town centre and in better shape than when we stayed here in 2004; plus they made an effort to prepare food this time. Small en suite room and bike parking offered in the lock up over the road.
170 dp

Village Touristique Bougafer (2004)
West end of town; we rocked up at this big characterless site seemingly aimed at big coach parties with but with no one there for the minstrels to play to. Would not stay here again.

Camping Amasttou
Down a track south of town in the palmerie. Small, congested on-site berber tents (got a bit itchy so I slept in the car) but well-shaded and popular, with clean ablutions and a good evening meal. More space over the road for campervans.
50 for car and on-site tent.

Camping Megzane
A few kms east of Tazzerine and down a track. Part of Ouarzazate’s Hotel Vallee so we thought we'd check it out as they're keen on Sahara Overland. Disappointing after the write up on the Vallee website; a bit of desert surrounded by a low wall and attempts to grow some plants. There's a bit of a hut with lamplight and dark ablutions.
50dh per tent

Tighmert (east of Guelmim)
Facomtour Hotel
Half an hour or so out of Guelmim, off the road to Fask. The 2008 Yamaha Tenere press launch came through here apparently but overall you get the feeling 'things ain't bin the same since they built the new highway'. Small en suite room, big central hall with semi-erotic artwork and basic breakfast (no evening meal offered). You can camp outside on the gravel yard too and get on the roof.
120 + 30 for breakfast

Hotel Palmerie
A dependable and good value air-con place on the south end of the main street and away from the flashy 'kasbahs' south of the oued where most groups now stay. Pool, always a good meal and breakfast on the terrace. There a Sahara mural map inside but parking out front only (they may let bikes inside). The famous '52 days' sign is relocated round the corner on the start of M8.
210 with breakfast, for two

kktos 21 Nov 2008 16:09

Auberge Todra
Stayed last May.
Dont remember the price but was not expensive at all.
Rooms are ok. Forget about shower.
And food was excellent. Probably the best breakfast in Morocco.
If you dont want to sleep here, you can stop to eat.

Quintin 22 Nov 2008 14:59

I had a completely different experience to Chris at the Auberge Soleil Blue. I stayed there for a couple of nights at the back end of 2007 and had a great time. The owner (who is an ex-guide and very welcoming) is a keen musician and most nights he and two chums (suitably "refreshed") will play Berber music mainly for their own benefit and very good it is too. Food is excellent though I can't recall breakfast! It's a beautiful location and the rooms are wonderfully decorated in a most unusual style. It wasn't expensive and you can negotiate.

Can also recommend Le Roi Bedouin about 40km North of Laayoune-note their web site welcome wrongly describes it as South of Laayoune-run by a Belgian couple Luc and Martine. Great food (camel Tajine best ever). Very reasonable and located at N 27 27' 722"; W 13 03' 105". You exit about 4km south of Daoura and follow the well marked easy piste for about 4.5Ks. Ample room for trucks and 4x4s and 4 or 5 permanent Bedouin tents if you fancy that. Good solar heated showers.


TT-Kira 22 Nov 2008 16:51

My place in Chris' message above regarding Tinehir;

Camping & Hotel Ourti; run by Hassan & brothers on the right at the very edge of Tinehir as entering from Ouarzazate: Tel: 044-83-32-05 Fax:044-83-45-99

Maison d'Hote; 12km sur la route des gorges du Todgha (12km up the Todra gorge road) - stunning place with pool, 4x4 will have to be left on the road, walk up to hotel over small stream bridge, probably wheel bikes across. Fixe: 044-89-52-23 Portable: 072-81-63-83


AndySabb 23 Nov 2008 06:21

Where to stay
Souss Massa - just below Agadir - the hotel is fantastic.

Also if you get a chance to stay in Moulay Idriss - then take it.


Morocco - June - August 2009

AndySabb 23 Nov 2008 06:24

"Can also recommend Le Roi Bedouin about 40km North of Laayoune-note their web site welcome wrongly describes it as South of Laayoune-run by a Belgian couple Luc and Martine. Great food (camel Tajine best ever). Very reasonable and located at N 27 27' 722"; W 13 03' 105". You exit about 4km south of Daoura and follow the well marked easy piste for about 4.5Ks. Ample room for trucks and 4x4s and 4 or 5 permanent Bedouin tents if you fancy that. Good solar heated showers."

Oh Yes

We stayed there for two days in Jan 2006 and they are a lovely couple - do stay. Food is pretty good.


NCR 1 Dec 2008 02:46

Auberge Camping Marabout more or less halfway in the piste Merzouga - Zagora.

Simple place run by two young brothers.

N 30 38 429
W 04 45 040



JMo (& piglet) 1 Dec 2008 07:53

A couple I found (and would recommend) this summer:

• Hotel Bin el Ouidane, on the R306 between Ouaouizarht and Bin el Ouidane - overlooking the reservoir. Lovely little hotel with apartment style rooms, and a tented rooftop terrace for dining - although the actual timing of food turned out to be a pretty hit and miss affair! Hotel is walled, with secure parking for bikes. Got the price down to 300dh for bed and breakfast. Ideal for relaxing by the (small) pool, and taking in some of the local sights - About an hour or so from the Cascades d'Ouzoud to the west, and La Cathedrale mountain to the south east.

• Auberge Souktana on the N10 near Taliouine. Nice little hotel with en suite rooms, and tented accommodation in the garden. 180dh bed and breakfast, and nice evening meals too. Plenty of parking (security ok) and ideally positioned if exploring the desert south of Jbel Toubkal.


PASSING PHASE 2 Dec 2008 20:40

Hotel recomendations
A nice hotel in Errachidia is the Hotel le Riad top quality at reasonable prices, good rooms secure bike park thay do beer aswell. Good brekfast in the morning. Hotel Le Riad Errachidia Maroc.

airamerica 7 Apr 2009 07:18

Ibis Hotel, near the main Railway Station. 10 min from the Medina, 43-45 euros with breakfast, parking lot and a bar (witch is expensive)

eightpot 7 Apr 2009 10:18

Ok - think I've found one, the Islane hotel, which is near the main square and has parking, if the write up is to be believed :rolleyes2:

GSPeter 7 Apr 2009 10:44

hotel in Marrakech
Try the CTM (tlf 442335), south side of Djemaa el Fna, they had an underground garage once. Hotel Ali, round the corner in Rue Moulay Ismail (tlf 444979) have an arrangement with nearby garage.
You are right on the square, not difficult to find.
Safe travels
Peter, in Oslo

Caminando 8 Apr 2009 08:53


Originally Posted by GSPeter (Post 236696)
Try the CTM (tlf 442335), south side of Djemaa el Fna, they had an underground garage once. Hotel Ali, round the corner in Rue Moulay Ismail (tlf 444979) have an arrangement with nearby garage.
You are right on the square, not difficult to find.
Safe travels
Peter, in Oslo

A salaam o alaikum...

Hotel CTM - agreed. Garage next door.

Right on Djemaa el Fnaa, and they have a roof cafe. Last year about 8-12 euros per night.

I hope you're looking at Tim Cullis's Morocco Knowledge base.

Matt Roach 2 May 2009 21:44

For location in Marrakesh it is hard to go past the Hotel CTM in Djemaa el Fna. There is a covered parking station right next to the hotel entrance.

Service is surly, rooms aren't great, but there is something very special about riding your bike through the square right up to the door of the hotel as the sun is setting....magic!

It was about 200DH for one of the cheap rooms out the back, but you can upgrade to the nicer rooms in the centre courtyard if needed. There is also a nice terrace to watch the world go by.

nickt 3 May 2009 06:13

The Hotel Rose in Taounate is cold, but clean, cheap and has good food. Just the place to calm down from an accidental trip to Khénifra, if you know what I mean!


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