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freddy 25 Apr 2012 10:35

morocco speed camera,s
hi all just got back from a lap of morocco, and was rather surprised to see just how many speed camera,s are now being used over there, this year is the 7th time i have been in morocco, and i can,t remember seeing as many as i did this year, they are mainly in the bigger towns, and are off the handheld or tripod variety, sometime,s there was one in town then one just out of town so when you went past the first one and thought you were clear the second one got you, as always it pays to go nice and steady in town, and obey the speed signs , until you are clear the other side of them, as i did not see one camera anywhere but near a town, i am sure this is safety driven rather than monetary driven, as from exsperience vechiles did not always go that slow through towns.

ride safe freddy

pera 26 Apr 2012 13:48

Yes, and they are thinking in sending the fines to the Douane for been paid before leaving the country.

And pay atention too with STOP signals too. Stop, wait a second, and start.

clubman 28 Apr 2012 22:53

quite right, I'm in Morocco now, and I've a few on my way along the atlantic coast. Go slow, be polite, smile, that's what I do , and so far it's working.

Even today got stoped in TanTan, and when the police officer discovered I speak spanish, start speaking to in spanish and didn't even opened the passports.

bluesman 20 May 2012 10:02

We just came back last weekend from 10 days ride around Morocco. We did speeding, I must admit. Every time we approached police man looking into his speed camera (mobile) he just waved us to pass and not to obstruct his view of unfortunate local motorists. We saw locals pulled also on block posts.
All and every police officer clearly deliberately ignored us. I do not know why, but I assume they given some instructions about foreighn bikes to attract tourists or something. I mean - we did not abuse it, we only were speeding occasionally and not really hard, just when conditions demanded. I know, it is not good, but we did go with the flow most of the time. We saw loads of fixed speedcams, but when one of guys (guess? Yes, on KTM) flew under clearly over limit - none of cameras did anything.
It's really confusing to be honest.
To give you idea - even Spanish borderman in Ceuta did not check any of my documents, just waved to pass!

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