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Rafke 3 Mar 2004 04:52

Moroccan routes M5-M6
Already three months back from a six-week cycling holiday in southern Morocco, but just by now I managed to put things online. On our way, we did the routes M5 and M6 from Sahara Overland. The text is in dutch for now, but I put quite a lot of photographs on the site (especially from the M5 Merzouga-Tagounite), so maybe some of you have some interest. Go to http://users.pandora.be/django and click on "travels". If you want more info about the trip, you can mail me by clicking on "contact" on the site.
Chris, thanks a lot for your excellent route description and info, without that we would never manage it! So now you know that the M5 is possible with a bicycle (pushing required...) and without GPS. Also thanks to Ian Bradshaw and nasz for the tips!

container 27 Dec 2012 12:20

Whoa, respect for cycling this route!
We have done it with motorcycles (BMW 1100gs & Transalp 600) and here is the movie. (also starring a bit of Slovenian, but you won't miss much :)


If anyone wants GPS tracks or points, PM!

Treffen 27 Dec 2012 18:58

Thanks Rafke! I always admired cyclists and thought that they are really doing the business. All the rest of us with engines must show respect!

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