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alexandre mineiro 11 Dec 2011 23:59

Marrocos January 2012
I am going to Marroco on the 2 of January,
Me and my colleague, we are going with only one 4x4 , so I am asking if there is anyone is in Marroco at that time that we can join to travel.
We plan to go from Nador to Figuig them down to the Atlantic Cost.
The idea is to go off road as much as possible ( But not to put our lives in any danger) , camping as much as possible.

TheWarden 14 Dec 2011 21:09

Just back from my trip, I did a week on my own ok

have a great time

alexandre mineiro 15 Dec 2011 19:32

Hi TheWarden

Any advice, of any route?

I have a lot of tracks from Nador to figuig and from there to the Atlantic.

Any particular that i should ´t do?

Thanks Regards


TheWarden 17 Dec 2011 13:38

I did several of the routes from Chris Scots Morocco Overland book.

MH2 through the Atlas Tinerhir to El Kebab is tarmac all the way but still a stunning drive
MH9 is mostly Tarmac now except the middle 25km or so
MS5 Foum Zguid to Zagora still all piste but both ends look ready for tarmac. Made for a quick fun balst through though. Middle section is still the old piste
MS9 Ouarazazate to Tazenakht is fantastic
MS2 Zagora to Tazzarine is fun but lots of short gullies

If you get the chace I'd reccomend a day at Hansjorg Voth's sculptures near Erfoud. Bit of off road to get there and stunning scenery. There is a charge now 200Dh for 1 and I think you are supposed to let the guardian know you are coming but I just went as I didn't know this.

When I was with Waypoint Tours we had a fantastic 4 days from Assa - Smara - Boudjour skirting the border

alexandre mineiro 18 Dec 2011 00:45

Hi TheWarden

Thank you for you reply, is important information.

Is it possible in anyway for you to facilitated me the log track?

That would be great if possible.

Thank for the information , regards


TheWarden 18 Dec 2011 23:36

pm me your email and I'll send over my logs

alexandre mineiro 21 Dec 2011 19:40

Hi TheWarden

thank you very much for your help.

My email is alexandre.mineiro@gmail.com

Thank you , regards

Alex bier

TheWarden 21 Dec 2011 20:56

No problem Alex,

Just mailed them over, you should have 10 files. The ones that go from wildcamp to wildcamp are all off road, the others al have some road on them.



peter-denmark 3 Jan 2012 06:27

I am also planning a short trip with my gf on rented bikes, might I also trouble you for the logs?

Peterkongsbak(remove and insert @)gmail.com

Barrie Dunbar 3 Jan 2012 09:35

Hey Mark, I was wondering whether you should possibly have mentioned you were gonna record and distribute waypoints from our trip? (Waypoints. Get it?) Do you reckon the other clients would be cool with it?
I'm not dummy spitting, but it doesn't feel right to me.

Barrie Dunbar 3 Jan 2012 09:38

Apologies Mark, you referred to your ones. Sorry fellow, I should have read it properly first. What a *****. Shrink

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