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Chris Scott 9 Oct 2012 13:11

Maroc Telecom SIM with iPhones/Pads + an iTunes GPS map
Has anyone succeeded in using the 200-dh Maroc Telecom dongle's SIM card in an iPhone/smartphone or a 3G iPad?
Seems to work fine on laptops but I recall meeting a guy at Bikershome in March who couldn't get it to work on his iPad.

Also, regarding Morocco digital maps for mobile devices, has anyone used this iTunes Morocco GPS Map on their iPad or iPhone? With a satnav I find Olaf more than adequate (and great for pistes) but seeing as it's probably no longer getting updated, in the cities I'd be happy to cough up 7 quid for the above if it simply works without the teeth-gnashing associated with some free OSM installations. Plus I imagine it could save you buying a satnav if you already use an iPhone/Pad. I dont own or use such devices so could of course be missing something.


Rafke 9 Nov 2012 16:25

Hi Chris, maybe a bit late, but a good solution for mobile internet on iPhone (or other smartphones) in Morocco is Internet 3G Jawal from MT. Buy a Jawal prepaid phone sim card, activate 3G via SMS and pay the internet access from your prepaid charge (5DH/day, 50DH/week, 200DH/month).

You just have to make the SIM card microSIM for iPhone, ask in any local phone store or DIY with a knife.

Works perfectly on iPhone, can't see why this wouldn't work on a 3G iPad.
Here's a link: Internet 3G Jawal par Maroc Telecom - Internet 3G Jawal

Hope this helps,


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